What should my blog be about? This is the question most new and aspiring bloggers keep asking on several blogging forums.

I love people asking these questions because they understand that before they can get paid for blogging, they must write blogs that add value to their audiences.

Whether you are an aspiring blogger (you want to join the blogging community) without the simplest idea on what to start a blog about or you own a blog but you have hit a writers’ block and don’t know what your next blog post will be about, I uderstand your frustration.

I recently received many question similar to ‘what to write a blog about’ on Free Blog Starters Facebook inbox. I have then decided to share practical tips that have worked for many successful bloggers.

Some of the popular questions I wish to address on this post include:

What should I blog about to make money? – Mostly asked by existing bloggers who want to learn how to make money from their blogs.

What should I write about on my blog to increase my traffic? – A popular question by new bloggers who want to know what they should blog about to increase traffic to their blogs.

What should I make a blog about? Though we have not received an email about this, we recently ran a blogging challenge and one part of the challenge was a the ‘what should I blog about quiz‘ The key aim was to help new bloggers identify the right kind of blog to start.

I used to get super annoyed when I didn’t know what to write in my blog. The points below will help you learn what to write a blog about.

These blogging tips have worked for me and other successful bloggers too. I will put everything is easy to understand terms.

If you get stuck, I or any other person at Free Blog Starters can always help. Lets now address the issues below in a different perspective.

I Don’t Have a Blog. I Want To Know What I Should Blog About First!

I meet many people and when I tell them that I help people set up blogs online, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is: I am interested, …… but what do people blog about?

There are many reasons that prompt  people to create blogs but the core focus of Free Blog Starters, is to teach you how to blog and make a living from it.

Many people mainly focus on passion but I have a different view. It is more about a set of factors that determine how successful a blog can be.

I think there is more to blogging than passion. Here are some few pointers to know what you can start a blog about.

1. What are you passionate about? 

You might think that I am actually contradicting myself but I am not! The first thing to consider is your passion. What topics are you passionate about?

Don’t just think about your current passions; think about of things you have been passionate about in your whole life. You might want to ‘revive’ an old passion.

Take a notebook and write all these things down and then go on to the next step.

2. What are your strengths?

The key to discovering your strengths lies from within. Familiar with SWOT analysis? That is what you gonna do here.

Ask yourself questions like: What am I good at?

What do people associate you with? For example:

  • Are you the person that friends look up to when their blogs or websites need have issues?
  • Are you that lady in the neighborhood who stands out when it comes to fashion?

3. What is your expertise?

Successful blogging is about solving problems or providing the solutions people are looking for. If you are an expert in a given field, you can build a blog to share your expertise.

If you are able to provide solutions, you will definitely get a large number of users coming to your blog.

 For example, I have a friend , ( a WordPress expert running an anonymous blog) who makes money teaching small business owners how to make a business website using WordPress

4. What Blogs Do You Read Often?

What do people blog about? i am referring to other bloggers. To be successful in blogging, you have to learn from successful bloggers.

What are they writing about? How do they write? How frequently do they write?

These are some of the question you should consider yourself. For example, if you find yourself visiting fashion blogs frequently and you don’t know where to start a fashion blog, take a few of your favourite blogs and and analyze them to learn exactly how your favorite bloggers are able to hack it. You can then proceed to learn how to build a blog on WordPress in less than 15 minutes.  Yes, you read right! In only 15 minutes you can have a new blog site using our guide here.

 You don’t have to do different things to be successful, all you need to do is do things differently. In simple terms: Learn what others are doing, study the target audience, and tweak their way of doing things. You will have one successful blogging business.

The above mentioned points will guide you in selecting the best blogging niche for you. You can now take your time to learn how to start a personal blog on your own, or take advantage of our free blog set up where we will do some basic things for you (whole wordpress set up).

We want to make it easy for people like you to earn a living online without having to worry about how to start a blog for free.

I am a Blogger, But I Don't Know What To Post On My Blog

Don’t get scared! This happens a lot of times.Most bloggers struggle to find topics to write about in their blogs.

I remember one time when one of our team members was contracted on a permanent basis by a WordPress monitoring service to run their blog. This was long before she joined our team (she was a friend even before this).

She is without a doubt one talented writer.  However, it was not uncommon for her to send chats in the dead of the night saying she was stressed out because she had run out of ideas on write about.

So, take a deep breath and relax. I will walk you through 4 simple things you can do when you don’t have the slightes idea  on what to write about in your blog.

In this section, I wii not address how you can find great blogging topics as we have already covered that in another blog.

1. Remind yourself why you started the blog:

Always keep in mind the reason why you are blogging. In many cases, when you find that you have run out of ideas of what to post on your blog,go back to the drawing board.You may realize that you are stuck  just because you have deviated from the core reason of starting your blog.

The problem with many bloggers  is that they start blogs without a concreate blogging strategy.As a blogger,you need to know where you are coming from and where you are going!

Don’t write posts just for the sake of it. Why would you keep writing and publishing posts without a plan? If you don’t have a blogging plan, consider creating one.

2. Go through your old posts:

When you have hit a writers’ block, I actually advise people to go through their old posts and try to do something about them.

You might be struggling to come up with new posts while you got a lot of content that is not generating any money. I actually get a lot of ideas when I go through my old posts.

Scan through your older posts to see if you can add anything new or you need to create entirely a new post.

3. Competitor Analysis:

Go through what other bloggers in your niche have written. Even before thinking of investing in a software to help you know about trending topics, analyzing what other bloggers are doing will help write great blog posts.

There is actually no harm analyzing your ‘competitors’ and trying to do better that them!

Services such as SemRush (aff) will come in handy when trying to investigate the keywords other bloggers in your niche are ranking for.

4. Ask your audience what they want to learn:

This is one of the trick you can use to provide the content that your audience is looking for. In fact, many bloggers use this to earn more money from their blogs.

This is how it works: You can send an email in the middle of the week (or any other time). This should be a special email requesting your users to submit a topic which they want you to write about.

You will then select similar requests and bundle them together to create a post or even go further and create an ebook that you can sell to make money.

For example, our post on naming a blog is a product of such request. Litsening to your audience will give you an upper hand over other bloggers.

How can you earn more money doing this?

After identifying the topics your readers want, you can bundle them into an ebook that you can later sell to them at a discounted amount.

Another way to earn money from such requests is that you get an opportunity to recommend products (that you have used and liked) in your posts and since yours followers are interested, this is a heaven sent opportunity.

5. Think ahead!

Will your blog still be an authority in the next two (2) to five (5) years? Remember that the future of your blog is determined by the actions you take today. The traffic you get tomorrow will depend on the effort you put in today.

The quest to make money from blogs has led to hundred if not thousands of blogs being created each day. If your blog doesn’t remain relevant, you stand a risk of being replaced by the new bloggers.

You need to think ahead, beyond today. You can create content that your audience will need tomorrow and the day after. Search engines take time to rank content and research has shown that old content ranks better. To be precise, old pages will rank better (1st page) in Google as compared to new content.

And the point is? Create authoritative content today that people will be looking for tomorrow. How do I do this? Most of the keyword analysis tools like Semrush will show you the pattern of how a particular topic or keyword is searched on Google and other search engines.

Using such metrics can help you to plan your content creation plan.

These are the five tips I promised you from the start. I know by now you have an idea of what to write about on your blog.

Remember that the most critical thing in blogging is adding value to your readers. Don’t write for the sake of it, invest your time to write a blog that will be valuable today and tomorrow.

Want to say something on the topic: What to write about in a blog?

Do you have anything to add on how to come up with subjects to blog about? Need more clarification or help in deciding what to blog about?

Have you been in a situation where you don’t know what to write about in a blog (either your blog or when you have been hired to blog) and when you try brainstorming your mind just go blank?

Please tell us more about it in the comment section below. If you have a question related to what to write in a blog, feel free to ask them below. Free Blog Starters is a community where we help each other create and run amazing blogs online.

Was this helpful identifying subjects to blog about?

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