Premium Blog Starter Kit

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Hassle Free Way of Starting a Blog – Start a blog that pays

Want to set up a great blog from day one? Then premium starter kit is your best bet to save over $1,500. Stop struggling with the technical stuff and customizations that won’t bear any fruits. We cover all the technical aspects of starting a blog.

With premium starter kit, all you need to have is blog content ready. Leave the rest to our experienced blogging experts.

Let our team bring years of blogging experience to your blog. This is how to start a blog for money. We will help you start a blog that pays.



Whatever kind of blog you want to start, we will be your technical team. Our premium kit comes with the following perks:

  1. WordPress Installation
  2. Blog Logo Design
  3. A Premium Theme (Unique Design Set Up For You) – ($200 Value)
  4. iThemes Security Pro Plugin – ($197 value)
  5. Backup Plugin Installed and configured – ($197 Value)
  6. 1 Year WP-Rocket Plugin – ($99 Value)
  7. 1 Year Fully Paid Maintenance Plan ($700 Value)
  8. Basic Initial SEO Configured
  9. 101 Learning WordPress Videos – ($200 Value)
  10. Unlimited Answer Requests (We will answer all your questions)

12 reviews for Premium Blog Starter Kit

  1. Sasha Zacks

    Wonderful service. my blog was created and designed in less than 3 days.

  2. Derrick K

    i wanted help integrating a wordpress blog to my woocommerce website and you guys fixed everything for me fast. great team and support! Greg was so helpful in the whole process. thank you

  3. Wes

    this is definitely the easiest way to build a professional blogging site.

  4. Sean

    This is actually the best way for non-technical writers to build a blog. The package provided all the premium plugins and technical support I needed to start my blogging site. I chose this kit over other online blog setup services since I was looking for a service that can guarantee my blog security and offer support when I needed any technical assistance.

  5. Lamees

    appreciate everything your have done for me. thanks

  6. Harrison

    Wonderful service. I can’t regret paying $750 for my new blog. Everything looks professional. I will also make use of the one year full maintenance service that comes with the package. If everything goes well, I will be making an order for full blog management.

  7. Sophia

    great support from the fbs team. amazing designs.

  8. Aneesa K

    my blog was perfectly designed in 2 days. Love you guys!!!

  9. Ciara W

    wonderful setup. thanks!!!!

  10. Millicent N

    thats is one hell of a fast services. i highly recommend the blogging kit if you are new to wordpress.

  11. Vicky

    the blog looks great. i really appreciate your help

  12. Kevin G

    This is the ideal way to start a blogging site.

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