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Looking to hire a low cost website design company to help you create an amazing yet affordable website for your business or personal use? Well! This service is for you! A Website in 7 Days only and Cheap Hosting Guarantee.

Free Blog Starters started as a blog to help people to create and set up wordpress blog online but due to the market demand, we have introduced our cheap website design services to ensure that we help as many small business owners as possible. Over time, we have become one of the most recommended affordable professional web design company online.

Let us get started with your website today with our affordable web development services. We will not only create a website cheap for you, but we will help you start a profitable business online.



This service is designed for those of you who need to start an online business or create a new website for their existing business. This is an affordable web design package! For bigger projects, feel free to contact us via the chat, email, or the contact us page. If you feel that this affordable website design service is expensive for you and you can be able to follow a simple guide to help you create a low cost website on your own, click here for a full expert guide.

We have a great community to keep going. Otherwise, feel free to chat with us to discuss our custom website design packages. Here is a list of features available on our affordable web design packages.

Features Of Our Affordable Web Design Packages

Here is a feature list of our affordable web development services. Please note that we can do more that what is listed below, talk to us if you are looking for a more advanced website or application development service.

  • Website Powered By WordPress:

WordPress is the Number #1 CMS used by millions of business owners who are running multimillion dollar companies online. In fact, there are over 40+ big businesses using WordPress to create their websites. These includes: Sony Music, BBC America, The New Yorker, and MTV News among others. This is one of the reason we began developing customer websites using WordPress.

Another reason is that since WordPress powers over 30% of internet’s websites (blogs included), it has become one CMS that has the largest support community online. Whenever you are stuck, you can either get cheap technical help from WordPress support companies, or post a question of a wide number of WordPress forums to get help.

As a small business owner, I would highly discourage you from going for custom development solutions when you are starting out, unless your project is out-of-the-box kind of application. WordPress is the best CMS to get started with. We will create a high quality website for you using wordpress once you subscribe to our affordable website design services.

  • Custom Website Design: 

Our affordable web design services are customized based on your needs. We will create a website that will help you grow your online business, something that many cheap website design companies don’t offer. Every project is unique to our team, we will create a unique website for your business. All you need is to provide the instructions and our website experts will do the rest.

Once you hire us to create a low cost website for you, you will have unlimited access to our team members throughout the whole process. We will also create an online portal where you will be able to see all the progress.

  • Initial Security and Backups Set Up:

Security is a real issue when it comes to running an online business. Millions of websites are hacked and others injected with malware each day. This is why we have decided to provide initial website security as a part of this package.

What is the point of creating a low cost website design only for it to be hacked or destroyed? We will take care of this on your behalf. We have a team of in-house security experts to help with securing your website. On request, we will also install a premium security plugin to make your website more secure.

In addition to securing your website, we will also help in configuring automatic offsite backups for your website. Backups are very important and you surely don’t want to run an online business when you don’t have a backup system in-place.

  • Up-to 5 Basic Pages Created For You:

Our affordable website design package comes with 5 basic pages (Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Services, Blogs Page), you can write these pages and we can help with formatting and proofreading. You are expected to discuss any extra page requirement with us via the chat.

All our websites come with auto-generated content and you will be required to write this or pay our content team to write highly optimized articles and pages for you. Remember that to rank high in search engines, you need to have high quality and lengthy content (1000+ words articles). We will charge incredibly low prices for this.

  • Onsite Search Engine Optimization Done For You:

All our low cost websites are highly optimized to rank in various search engines like Google and Bing. Please note that without quality optimization, your website is going no where. Luckily for you, we will do the onsite optimization (this simply means we will optimize your website content and make sure that it is crawl-able by search engines.

In simple terms, we will make your website look great in the eyes of search engines.

Once we are done creating website, if you need offsite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, you can contact us and we will be able to help you rank high on Google and other search engines.

  • Free Website Support:

All websites created by our team comes with free unlimited support. We will also include 101 high value videos on your website backend  to help you learn more about your newly built website. Along the way you will learn that you need to know some website basics and these videos will help you do that.

I Need a Web Designer Cheap – How Do I Find The Best?

This is one of the most popular questions asked in many forums by small business owners and startup owners on who are looking inexpensive website design services or those operating under a very tight budget.

Through the period of operation, we have noted that starting an online company or even moving an offline business online can be quite an tiresome and expensive affair more so when the owner doesn’t have the technological know-how. Many of such such business owners go online to search for terms like affordable web development services, inexpensive web solutions, and affordable web design services among others.

Most of these customers end up paying hefty amount of money for websites that don’t add value to their businesses. Is this what you are looking for? At Free Blog Starters, we believe that a website should help you make more sales or drive more clients to your small business (online or offline). Through our cheap web developers services, we have helped hundreds start and create big online businesses.

Saying: I need a website built cheap online or even wondering where to buy genuine but affordable web development services online?– At, we offer flexible and affordable website design packages based on your website needs. Once you hire us to create an inexpensive website for you, we will create a masterpiece that will make selling and promoting your business online easy.

Cheap Web Design Packages

You were looking to hire a low cost web design services online, Right? We have affordable website design packages for you. As a low price web design company, we have not put so much effort in creating fancy website design packages.

If your project requirements goes beyond the scope of this service, all you need to do is to click on the live chat button to speak to one of our professional website designers for a custom quote.

Our responsive website prices will vary from as low $650 to $800. You don’t need to pay more than this for a basic website. If you are a non-profit organization, we have packages for NGO web design services. Chat with us for more details.

Affordable Web Design and Hosting Services

As a small business web design and development company, offering cheap website design services to our clients is our first priority and everything else takes the second seat.  This means that we only provide the ‘software’ part services and negotiate with big and powerful website hosting companies to offer our customers very cheap website hosting packages.

This means that once we have created a low cost website for you, we will give you a number of options where you can get your website hosted. We have struck a deal with a good number of trustworthy hosting companies who have the resources you need to grow your website.

This relationship has helped us offer cost effective website design services while hosting experts do what they do best. If you want us to host your website or make the whole arrangement, you need to buy our website management services.

Get started with our cheap web design packages today and have your low cost website designed in not more than 7 working day. Let us help you now. Need to talk to us before making an hiring a low cost website designer and developer online? Click on the chat button. 

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  1. Addison

    Your team is awesome! You took time to understand my request and provided me with a great website for my small business. We are now able to accept orders for seedlings from gardeners all over California. We are so grateful. Thank you Rita and your team.

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