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Can I work from home stuffing envelopes and make money?

After doing a series on how to make money with a blog, I started receiving emails from our followers asking about various ways to make money from home. One of the most recurrent question was: where can I get real work from home jobs stuffing envelopes. 

This sparked my curiosity and before answering my followers, I started  researching about these online companies advertising jobs of stuffing envelopes.

I started to suspect that this is a scam as we have a Martin Yale 1711 Paper Folder at our office that comes with Free Survival Kit and is capable of folding up to 9,000 sheets/hour. So why would anyone pay your $1200 to do the same?

I am not the kind of a person that gets excited by adverts like ‘Make $1500 Stuffing Envelopes At Home’ but most people do. After talking to my friends about it, i was surprised to learn that most had actually applied to the sites that claim to offer legitimate work from home jobs stuffing envelopes.

Most of them had even gone a step further to pay the subscription fees and actually received bronchures with guidelines on how they could sart stuffing envelopes at home for money.

Working From Home Stuffing Envelopes Scam – How Does It Really Work?

So I set out to try some of these work from home offers that promised a monthly income of $1500 and above just to work from home stuffing envelopes.

To the unsuspecting person, this seems super lucrative.

I I can write a 10,000 to 20,000 word post on my blog in a day or two so if I chanelled the same energy to packing evelopes, I would then be able to net over $10,000 in a month.

I reviewed a number of these websites and settled on one that charged me $45 dollars to join. I paid a whooping $45 just to get an insight into how people get scammed. I sacrificed my $45 so that you won’t lose your money to these fraudsters.

I took 2 weeks for the material to arrive and the brochure read:

‘Thank you Lael for subscribing to XXX.com. Do you know that you can make a million dollars working from home? Here is how to go about it…’  the message continues…

In the package there were also, 200 brochures  I could send to 200 of my friends for them to join the program and make money.

I have used XXX.com since I don’t want to promote these scammers here.

So this is how it works:

  • You sign up paying a subscription fee of between $30-$70,
  • You receive brochures with instructions,
  • Copy and mail the flyer to your friends or post them in school’s bulletin board,
  • Each flyer has a unique tracking code,
  • If people use your code to sign up, you will get paid.

This is similar to a pyramid scheme. You make money by signing up people to a scam. This is unethical and a waste of your time! Don’t you think? From my research, let me answer a few questions:

Is this a real job? There is nothing like real work from home jobs stuffing envelopes! This is just a pyramid scheme.The more people you send in, the more you get paid.

Can I make money at home stuffing envelopes? Yes, but you will be scamming other people to make money! This is just another scam. Infact, Better business bureau has an alert on their website about this.

Can I get started stuffing envelopes from home for money at no fee? I doubt it. From my research, all companies that I came across which promise to help you earn extra money from home stuffing envelopes require you to pay some subscription fee to get started.

Need more proof that this is a scam?

  • UPS Alert: Read more on UPS alett that this is the most common scam – UPS Alert,
  • FTC Alert: FTC also warns consumers against such scams – Read more here

So many people have fallen victim to these work-at-home scams. I always warn my followers, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it is actually too good to be true.

If you are looking for a serious way to make money online from home, I would recommend that you think about how make money blogging. It is not as easy as stuffing envelopes but you can actually make more money writing about things that you love.

What Are Your Thoughts? Is there something like legit work from home jobs stuffing envelopes?

Did I miss something while writing this post? Do you have any question on the envelope stuffing scams? Have you fallen victim to these scams?

Use the comments section below to share your thoughts. If you don’t have something to add on stuffing envelopes at home scams, read through the comments to hear the experiences of other people.

Are There Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Stuffing Envelopes?
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  1. Grace

    Hi. I have just finished reading your article. I am happy that you are talking about these envelope stuffing scam here. This happened to me a couple of times. There is nothing like real work from home jobs stuffing envelopes. It is all a big scam.

    • Greg

      Hi Grace. Sorry to hear your story. Stuffing envelopes at home for money scam comes in many forms.

  2. Tina Andrews

    I am looking for legit ways of making money mailing adverts to other people. Can anyone here point me into the right direction? A friend told me how he was lured into joining a work from home stuffing envelopes no fee to start by his college friend only to realize it was a scam after spending like $200. When you see these ads, run for your money…. thank me later.

  3. Content Police

    I wonder why we have so many lazy people in the US !!! Why would anyone pay you $100 to stuff envelopes while they can hire a bunch of people online who can do the same work for less than one dollar? We have a brain but we are afraid to put it to work!
    When dealing with online stuff, common sense goes a long way! Before you invest your money, no matter how little it is, think long and hard!

    • Christina

      Well Said. I don’t know what is wrong with people. While thousands of people get scammed everyday, there are still comments here with people interested in ‘work from home packing and envelopes jobs’. People never learn. So sad!

      • Dave

        This is interesting. I also don’t understand this! Thank you Free Blog Starters for educating the masses and coming up with the initiative to help people start blogs where they can work hard and make a living instead of falling victim to such stupid scams.

        • Staff Writer

          People have to get it right! You will never earn extra money stuffing envelopes. Any person sharing guides that tell you that you can earn extra money from home stuffing envelopes is a f**cking fraudster. Get wise people.

  4. Mary Anne Clarke

    I always thought that these kind of jobs pays. I have fallen victim to these scams twice. Stay away from ‘envelope folding jobs’ or ‘envelope packing jobs’. I am a single mother of three and I have learnt this the hard way! For all single mothers falling victim to these scams, save your money and feed your kids. Today, I saw an advert on a blog teaching people how to make money mailing envelope at home. I wonder what the authorities are doing about these scams.

  5. Myrtle Washington

    I cannot pd. For the kit I sure could use some extra income

  6. Betshavee

    Hello all, I too was almost scammed. And I say almost because when I paid the $29.99 that they asked me for, they said it was so that they can mail me the material that I was to be stuffing. I finally received a big envelope, but what was inside was just flyers telling me how to begin my own website.
    I was really upset and I sent them an email stating I wanted my refund. Then they have the nerve to tell me that they will give me a refund when I return all the product that they mailed me. Of course I got more upset telling them “what product? you didn’t send me anything but papers. plus, I told them that they clearly state “30 day money back guarantee 100%” It does not state “30 day money back guarantee 100% only if returning product”
    So even if you did mail me any product, which you did not, you would still have to give me my full refund. So they gave me my refund. I also let them know that they were liars and scammers and that I was going to report them.
    I’m just glad I was able to get my money back. So to all of you, PLEASE BEWARE OF THESE SCAMMERS!!

    • Lucy

      Great advice. Thank you Betshavee for sharing your experience on envelope stuffing scams. Hopefully all the readers asking about this would just stop and find another work to do!

  7. Charlie Evans

    Stuffing Envelopes is not a scam. I worked with an Agency years ago a crooked agency that would take me out of jobs just before I was to be hired. Agencies do that if they figure they have a good thing. The Agency I belonged with had me sign an agreement form with several ridiculous rules and regulations like for example if they send you to a job for 1 week and they decide to pull you out of the job and you decide to leave the agency later you are not allowed to apply for that job even if you separate yourself from the agency. That rule doesn’t apply to me though as I have broken that ridiculous rule many times over The agency sent me to an office supply company where I was stuffing envelopes every day in their board room for a measly 7 dollars an hour Canadian money. That’s how much the agency paid me. I was working with people from the same agency and full-time staff. The Employer asked to see me in private to discuss something with me away from the other agency workers. He asked me how much the agency is paying me and when I told him he couldn’t get over how-how the agency was ripping me off. He asked for my cell number and he gave me his. He told me that he would call up the agency and tell them that I’m not needed and then he would pay me 12 dollars an hour for stuffing envelopes and when the contract was finished he would simply call me on my phone if I’m available instead of going through the agency. He made it clear that I was not to tell the agency or my agency co-workers whom he let go for good. I was making 700.0 a week cash under the table. He told me that if I can still work for him even if I found work elsewhere. I would be given the option to work on weekends or after my other job. Unfortunately, because these jobs are under the radar from Revenue Canada and Job Agencies they have to be extremely careful who they employ. That job was many years ago back in the 1990s. It was easy, the pay was amazing and the boss would generously order out for some pizza for all of us on him. Stuffing envelopes is not a scam. There are companies out there who will hire you.

  8. Penny B

    I also had a real envelope stuffing job at one time. It was years ago and I did not make a lot of money. Now it is very hard to find legit work doing that. It would be nice if I could something like that again. I do not work so a little extra money would be nice, if I could find it. I will not pay, nor have I ever paid to do any work from home


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