If you want to learn how to start a successful Instagram blog, this is the ultimate guide for you.

Today, I received an interesting email from one of my followers asking for guidance on how to make an Instagram blog for a fashion lover.

I initially redirected her to a post I did while starting our this website on how to start a fashion blog on Instagram but other general requests started coming in.

Due to the high number of requests for us to write a guide on how to blog on Instagram, we have decided to write a guide that teaches you how to become a successful instagram blogger without necessarily focusing on a particular niche.

How to Become a Sucessful Blogger With Instagram

Note: You can NOT use Instagram to create a blog. You need to first learn how to build a WordPress blog or get started with our free blog set up.

Once you have a blog up and running, it is time to create an Instagram account and start promoting your posts on instagram. Click here to go directly on how to make your blog’s Instagram account.

Before we dive into the complete guide on how to start a blog and link it with your Instagram account, let me address those who already have created the blogs already.

For those with blogs already set up, here are few points on how you will link your Instagram account with other services for maximum visibility.

  1. Write a great bio as it will be used by users assess your page’s relevance,
  2. Include links to your other social media accounts on your Instagram profile,
  3. If you are running Vlogs or webinars, mention that you now have an Instagram account,
  4. If you have a brand page on facebook, link it to the new Instagram account,
  5. Add the Instagram link to your email signature,
  6. For every post you write, make sure you include a link to your instagram account on the author box.
  7. If you send newsletters, add the link to your email.

Best Practises When Creating a Successful Blog With Instagram

Most successful bloggers use social media to promote their blog posts and bring more users  to their blogs. I ussually recommend that you choose and work one social media account before going to the other.

Don’t your waste time trying to be a jack of all trade (I tried this once and I failed miserably). There are 3 important social media sites that enhance your blogging success and they include: Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I have used them in this order to grow various blogs successfully.

Now that you want to learn how to blog with Instagram, make sure you follow this guide to the. Here are six (6) important Instagram blogging tips:

1. Use high quality images:

Instagram blogging is all about the quality of images you post. A typical follower will scan through your first images and make a decision whether they should follow you or not.

To become a successful Instagram blogger, you need to hone your photography skills from how you capture your images to how you edit them.

You must invest in a good camera (for fashion, travel, food, and beauty bloggers among others). Before you argue that your iPhone will come in handy, you should know that blogging is a competitive business. There are millions of new bloggers competing to become the best.

Also, hone your image editing skills or find someone who can edit your image perfectly. But why should you incur additional expenses when you can learn some of these skills?

2. Find a competitive edge:

How will you stand out blogging with Instagram? Why should I follow you on instagram and not another blogger?

You need to establish and create a competitive edge for you to become a successful blogger on Instagram. I recommend you take ample time to create your Instagram blogging niche.

There is no point of investing hundreds of hours creating a blog Instagram page that won’t help you make money? Don’t you think so?

3. Build your own small community:

To become a sucessful blogger on instagram, you need to create a community around your page and blog.

You must learn the art of acquiring followers and retaining them.

Generally speaking, most people will stick around if the posts you make on both your blog and Instagram page add value to them. Make your page a community by providing valuable content that solveS your followers’ problems.

Go ahead and understand your followers. What do they like? What do they need? Once you learn this, work towards satisfying them. If they are looking for solutions, provide them.

You can only make money with instagram blogging if you have build a following that trusts you.

4. Build connections with other successful bloggers:

When getting started with instagram blogging, you need to follow other successful bloggers within your niche.

This will help you learn the tricks of the game as you will get to analyze what they are doing and this will help you come up with a better followers acquisation strategy.

This is where you may even get your very first followers. I remember that while starting to blog, I would follow some of the successful bloggers in a particular niche that I am interested in and spend days analyzing their profiles to get the idea of what they are doing it to achieve success. I would later unfollow them to create my blog community.

Most of the successful bloggers have worked their way to the top by reverse engineering what other bloggers who seem successful. This is the only way you can learn how to be better.

5. Be consistent in sharing posts:

When it comes to sharing blog posts on your Instagram page, I recommend that you identify and stick with a posting schedule that works for you.

Train your followers to expect your posts at a given day time of the day. This way, you will increase the chances of your posts being read by a large percentage of your followers.

You should also be consistent in your postings. If you have decided to doa post every day, make sure you do that every time. Depending on the niche of your blog, you should identify days of low social media activity (usually on weekends) and use that time to schedule your posts.

For great results in Instagram blogging, create a number of diverse hashtags to target the users who are using the search feature.

Also, check the trending hashtags which are related to your posts and include them in your posts to increase viewership.

6. Instagram ads (Invest): 

After you have created a following and are probably making some money from your blog (or you are about to),  I would recommend you invest in instagram ads. This is how IG makes money.

To reach more people or reach a particular group of people, Instagram targeting is the best way do do that.

Using ads can help you reach and gain a high number of followers in a very short period.

I have actually included this as the last tip for a reason. Paying for instagram ads should be the last thing you do either to boost growth or make more money.

Unless you have a huge budget, avoid paying for ads when your blog is too young. Try to grow the number of followers organically.

So What Next?

Now you know what to do when you want to get started with blogging with instagram. No matter what kind of a blog you are creating, these tips will work for you.

Lets recap this post in a few sentences:

  1. To start an instagram blog, you must create a blog preferably on WordPress. Click here to create one.
  2. Create an Instagram account,
  3. Add an awesome bio with a link back to your blog and other social accounts,
  4. Create and post great content consistently,
  5. Find followers
  6. Create a community around your blog,
  7. Promote your page and posts using Instagram ads,
  8. Engage your followers, refine, and re-engage until you achieve maximum reach.

It is your time to shine and become a famous blogger on instagram. Make you share this article to reach as many people as possible.

Do you have something to say? I would love to read your thoughts below. Do you have a question on instagram blogging? Use the comment form below to ask or respond to this article.

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