So you want to start an anonymous blog? Wondering how you can create an anonymous blogging site on your own?

Anonymous blogging is becoming popular day by day with so many writers digging the web for sites that allow anonymous blogging with little or no success. Forget anonymous blog sites out there with hidden terms! You can actually create an anonymous blog using WordPress or even a business website on your own. (By this I mean self-hosted WordPress website)

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Here is an email we received after someone read our guide on how to make money online blogging for beginners.

Hello Nick,

Hope this email finds you well. I am interested in starting a blog site, but I don’t want my identity revealed as I might write some things about sex and other personal stuff. I am a married woman and if I start a blog under my name, things might go wrong at some point. Is there a way you can guide me how how to create an anonymous blog online? I tried with Wix and Weebly but they ask for my card details. I don’t think this will be completely anonymous.

Please advise.

{Name Withheld For Privacy reasons} – Upcoming Anonymous Blogger

Note: We requested her consent before posting this email here. At FBS, user privacy comes first!

This is just one of the emails that comes to our support ticket every other day. We get at least 2 tickets a week telling us ‘ I want to write an anonymous blog please help me’

I personally understand the need for privacy better than anyone out there. Having been in the corporate world for a dozen of years, I also had my share of frustrations and I was actively looking for a way to write these things out there. By then, I created an FB account with pseudonym but facebook closed the account after sometime. I didn’t know anything about anonymous blogging by then. The good thing is that for the short time, I was able to send my message and create a group of people who shared similar workplace frustrations.

So whether you want to make an anonymous blog to blog about sex, politics, or you just don’t want the publicity that comes with blogging, this is your guide. I will show you the process of¬†starting an anonymous blog in 6 simple steps. You don’t have to be a technical genius make an anonymous blog.

Before we start creating an anonymous blog, let look at some of the advantages of blogging anonymously over using your real name.

Why Create Anonymous Blogging Sites?

Privacy Issues:

Writing a blog anonymously give you the chance to blog issues that you won’t be comfortable talking about when using your real name.

A good example is when you want to blog about a personal topic but your don’t want people (your audience) to know it is you who wrote. This can be anything from sex blogging, blog about mistreatment at your place or work, embezzlement of public funds, or any other kind of writing that you don’t want to be associated with the ‘real’ you.

In simple terms, if you want to keep your real identity from the blogger identity, starting an anonymous blog is not an option for you.

Personal Safety:

When you want write about things that might land you in trouble, be it with law enforcement or other people, you should think about creating an anonymous blog.

The Freedom To Be Your True Self :

When blogging anonymously, you have little or nothing to worry about. You get the freedom to show your real character but under a different name. The beauty with making an anonymous blog is that you create a fictitious character, you can become anything you want. You can blog all the way to fame and attain financial freedom while nobody knows about the real you. In short, the hardest part of running an anonymous blog is monetization but when you crack the barrier (creating the desired character) and win the trust of your followers, then everything becomes easy.

I know many male bloggers who own and operate blogs using women name and vise versa.

Please note that this is a simple guide, no complication and the geeky stuff. I will handle everything from domain registration, hosting, and the best practises of staying writing anonymous blogs.

How To Create An Anonymous Blog In 3 Simple Steps

As I said above, you don’t need to be an expert to start and run a blog anonymously.

The first thing you need to do is to protect your identity while purchasing a domain name for your blog. There is nothing extreme in this, I am sure you don’t want people to be looking up for your website details only to find your personal information all over the internet.

Did you know that a simple search at WHO.IS website will show the details you used to register your domain name. If you didn’t activate the Domain privacy setting while purchasing the domain, your information in on the public domain and there is actually little you can do about that.

To create a new anonymous domain name, here are simple steps (Nothing complex): You need two thing: A Domain Name and a secure hosting service. I will show you how to get these two below.

  1. Activate Domain Privacy:

In this guide, I will assume you don’t own a domain name. Even if you have one, consider getting a free one (I will show you how) as you can’t take that risk. You might be thinking that you are writing anonymous blog posts only to find people know that it is actually you.

Lets get started buying a new domain name for your anonymous blogging site:

I recommend you use Bluehost. We have partnered with them and when you get hosting from them using our link [Click Here To Get Hosting], you will get 60% off your hosting (as low as 5.99 Per month), Free Domain Name, and Free Domain Privacy. This is an awesome deal for our blog followers.

That sounds awesome? [Click Here To Get Started With Bluehost] – We will use then for the rest of this guide.

If you are already at Bluehost, we will purchase a hosting service that comes with a free domain name and guaranteed domain privacy. Follow the screenshots below:

  • Select a hosting package: Click on get started now button now to sign up with the best hosting for anonymous WordPress blogs.

Open a Blog With BlueHost

  • To get Free domain privacy protection, I recommend that you pick the Prime plan

  • To get Free domain privacy protection, I recommend that you pick th Prime plan

  • In the next step, get a Free new domain for your anonymous blogging site

anonymous blog domain

  • On the sign up, use your real names. This is crucial in protecting your website. The ICANN has put this as a mandatory. Note that this will not be available to the public. Nothing to worry about.

fill in your details

  • Select the package duration: You can start with at least 12 months plan. If you have a flexible budget,
    I would advise you to select a longer duration. All the same, 12 months is enough time to start making money from your blog and you will be able to cover any blogging expenses. Fill in the plan as shown below:

  • Fill In your card details and click on the submit button

fill in details step 6

Now you have successfully created an anonymous domain plus a hosting service to do your anonymous blog writing. To install wordpress, use this guide -> How to create a blog in WordPress. If you get stuck, remember we are Free Blog Starters (we don’t mind helping you get started), we can install wordpress for you free of charge!. Also check our Blog Start Up Kit for advanced setup services.

Now let’s look on the best practises when blogging anonymously:

Best Practises For Anonymous Blogging

1: Do Not Add Personal Details On Your Blog:

This is a no brainer tip. If you want to stay anonymous, you must not use your personal details when setting up the blog or when creating pages.

I know most readers want to connect with a real person, but that identity can always be created. Create an identity that you think your audience will relate with.

Choose your identity carefully as you will have to stick to this for the rest of your blogging life. – If you won’t be running other blogs. Some of your readers and followers might be disappointed if you switch your identity along the way. This will hurt your blog.

2: Use TOR For Advanced Anonymity:

Tor browser bundle will help maintain anonymity while commenting in other people’s blog. Learn more about TOR here

This is all you need to know to start and create a successful blog while blogging anonymously.


Now you are the newest blog site owner. We it is time to start blogging, if you are new to WordPress blogging I have awesome guides for you to get started.

  • The recommended blogging themes for WordPress.
  • Learn how to design your blog.
  • How to secure your WordPress blogs.

Now you have all the information you need to build an anonymous blogging site online. If this guide was helpful, please share using the buttons below. Help other people learn how to start anonymous blogging websites easy.

Sharing is Caring. – Imagine what a beautiful world we could live in, if we helped each other solve our problems! Simple Sharing Works Magic!

If you have questions or more information on creating anonymous blogs in WordPress, use the comment section below.

How To Start An Anonymous Blog – Step By Step Guide
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We have partnered with Bluehost to help you start a blog, business, or personal website. You can now start a blog for less than $2.95 per month using our linkAll you need is a host to get started. If need be, I will set up your blog for you too.Get Started Now


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We have partnered with Bluehost to help you start a blog, business, or personal website. You can now start a blog for less than $2.95 per month using our linkAll you need is a host to get started. If need be, I will set up your blog for you too.Get Started Now