Step By Step Guide on How To Start a Fashion Blog and Become a Famous Fashion Blogger

Start a Fashion Blog That Makes You Popular and Make Money
This is the simplest guide on starting a fashion blog and get paid for your efforts. This guide covers everything you need to know about fashion blogging and how instagram fashion bloggers make money. Start a fashion blog today and blog yourself to freedom.
Show Me How To Become a Fashion Blogger

Starting a fashion blog and earn money

Step By Step Guide – How To become a Successful Fashion Blogger

So you want to learn how to how to make a fashion blog on your own? Well, that is great! Starting a fashion blog is the wisest way to make money on the web right now!

How much money do fashion bloggers make? Thousands of famous fashion bloggers are making 8 figure revenues out of their blogs and you can too! Read on, I will show you exactly how fashion bloggers get paid. 

Creating a successful fashion blog requires two things:   ‘I want to start a fashion blog’ mindset and the dedication to learn how to become a fashion blogger.

Who is this guide for? Serious people who want to create and make money blogging about fashion.

Please note that this is not a simple guide on starting a fashion blog in 6 to 10 steps. It is a deep and lengthy guide for passionate people who are serious about creating a successful fashion blogs that will make money.

If you are looking for some quick and fast guide on how to earn money as a fashion blogger, this is not for you.

Before we start, you have to note that: Starting a fashion blog is easy but becoming a fashion blogger and make money requires hard work, patience, and consistency. But don’t worry! That is why we have done this guide for you.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know on how to start a fashion blog, make it popular, and eventually make money blogging.

This guide will cover everything to create a successful career in fashion blogging:

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Fashion Blog

Answering: What Does a fashion blogger do?

Skills You Need Learn To Create a Successful Fashion Blog

How To Build a Fashion Blog Using WordPress

How To Become a Fashion Blogger on Instagram and Other Photo Sharing Sites

How Fashion Bloggers Make Money or Get Paid

Tool You Need For Fashion Blogging Success

What Does a Fashion Blogger Do Exactly?

Now that you want to learn how to start a fashion blog and make money, the best way is to understand exactly what a fashion blogger does to make money online.

Having a passion for fashion blogging is critical creating a successful blog. You can’t keep writing about things that you are not passionate about.

There are so many misconceptions out there about what fashion bloggers do and how the make money talking about fashion. That is why I have decided to provide a brief (but not short) outline on various type of fashion bloggers.

So before you think about creating a fashion blogging site, you need to identify what type of fashion blogging you are passionate about. Read through the list below to know what exactly about fashion you want to blog about.

Note that you can pick a mix of these types though specialization is fundamental for fashion blogging success.

Various Types Of Fashion Blogging


  •  Personal Style Blogging: This is the kind of fashion blogger who start a blog to communicate their personal style by showcasing their photos while wearing various kinds of outfits. This is the most popular type of fashion blogging. This has given birth to the instagram fashion bloggers.
  • Street Style Blogging: This is the newest form of fashion blogging. Most of the photography is done on the streets. I happened to be at Lincoln Center during the 2018 New York Fashion Week and I bet street style fashion blogging is here to stay.
  • General Fashion Blogging: As the name suggest, if you happen to start a general fashion blog, you will be writing anything from outfit, shopping, fashion news, and trends. General fashion blogging sites are mostly not personal.
  • Fashion Vloggers – This is another popular way of making money blogging about fashion. Vloggers use youtube as their primary platform where they upload videos. Vloggers make money through youtube adverts, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and also selling their products (can be digital or physical).

By now, I believe you have identified the type of fashion blog that you want to start. Now you need to start thinking of a unique name on what you would want to call your new fashion blog.

I will later on show you how you can get a domain name ( Free of charge from our hosting partners.

Important Skills In Making a Fashion Blog Successful

Want to start fashion blogging and earn money? You need to change you learn some skills so that you can keep blogging costs low.

Here are some of the skills you need to equip yourself with if you want to start fashion blogging as a full time job. Yes! Blogging about fashion can make you up to eight (8) figure income if you do it right!

By doing it right, I mean treating it like your full time job. Most influential fashion bloggers depend income from their blogs. It is not an overnight success kind of a thing though! You have to put in considerable amount of time before it pays off.

Learn these skills now and keep on refining your art. I bet that with no time you will be an expert making money as a fashion blogger. If you are thinking that you can outsource all these skills, then you need to have a big budget.

Writing and Editing Skills: Like in any other kind of blogging, you need to train yourself to become a good writer. You can’t start a fashion blog if you can’t write great content about fashion. When you become a blogger, writing becomes your daily if not hourly job. You will note that when you are not writing blog posts, you are busy replying to comments.

 Photography and Photo Editing: You can’t run a successful fashion blog without thinking about photography. If you are looking to start fashion blogging and become an instagram (read social media) star, you need to be posting high quality photos. You need a good camera to get started. I would recommend you get a fantastic camera for your blog. Invest in a camera that won’t disappoint you.

Remember that the quality of photos that you post on social media will determine who follows you and who doesn’t. To become an authority, you will need to invest in a great camera.

You can start with a low cost camera something that will cost you: $200 to $600 or you can go for a high quality camera like Panasonic G85 or Nikon D610 Digital SLR Camera (24.3MP) if you are super serious about making money blogging (I like such an attitude). 

Photo Editing Skills: To run a fashion blog, I recommend you learn about photoshop. You don’t have to be a guru, but there are times you need to adjust a photo or apply effects like sharpening, resizing, and lighting. It will only cost you time to learn how to do it yourself.

Search Engine Optimization: You need to equip yourself with SEO skills. Learn how to use plugins like Yoast SEO, creating a content strategy, keyword analysis, and other tips for ranking. You need Google traffic to make your fashion blog profitable. After all, when you master this, this is like free traffic for you.

Social Media Skills: Unlike other forms of blogs, you can’t ignore social media when running a fashion blog. I am sure you have heard about fashion bloggers minting millions out of instagram! Leverage the power of photo sharing websites like instagram, pinterest, and facebook to bring more visitors to your fashion blog.

Entrepreneurial Skills: If you are starting fashion blogging for money, you need to stop blogging and start running a blogging business. You need to know basic skills of running a business including dealing with things like taxation.

You must learn the art of converting each an every visitor to your blog to be an email subscriber. From there, learn how to sell – This is how you will make good money out of your fashion blog. I will show you how to create a great email list for your blog later. As you will learn in this guide, an email list is the most valuable asset in fashion blogging.

At FBS, we use a simple equation: More traffic + Great Conversions == More (Money + Authority)

Now you know all the skills that you need to create a blog about fashion, let us now go to the technical stuff where I will show you how to set up a fashion blogging website on your own. (This is a skill you have to learn)- If you feel setting up a fashion blog site is too technical for you, Click here to read about Free blog setup services.

How To Build Your Own Fashion Blogging Site

By the end of this section, you will have created a fashion blogging site on your own. The first step in starting a blog is choosing the best blogging plartfom to use.

There are various good blogging plartfom to choose from but we will use WordPress in this guide. WordPress is flexible and its functionality can be expanded using plugins.

The other reason why you should create a fashion blog using WordPress is the fact wordpress is backed by a vast community and has a repository of free themes and plugins to customize your blog.

WordPress powers 29% of all websites and blogs. This simply means you are in great company.  29% of website owners can’t be wrong! Can we get started building a fashion blog?

Quick Links To Creating a Fashion Blogging Site

1. Selecting The Best Hosting Service
2. Installing WordPress
3.Installing Important Plugins
4. Installing a Fashion Blog Theme
5. Set Up a WordPress Backup

Selecting a Hosting Service + Domain Name

To start a self-hosted fashion blog (a blog that you have control over files, images, and databases) requires you to have a hosting service where your WordPress files and database will reside.

You need a blog hosting service that is optimized for wordpress. Here are some of the services to host your blog with:

BlueHost: This is the #1 recommended WordPress hosting service by the creators of WordPress. This is a great hosting if you are looking for quality hosting yet something that is pocked friendly.

If you are looking for the best host to start with that will give you high quality service and true value for your money, I recommend BlueHost. I have personally used bluehost for many projects and they are the best hosting company for wordpress startups.

In addition to quality support, you get a Free Domain name and One Click WordPress installation if you purchase hosting using our link. This is a deal we have secured for our audience.

Flywheel: If you are serious about making a successful fashion blog and you have a bigger budget, FlyWheel is the best hosting service for you. This is one of the best managed hosting services for WordPress blogging sites.

I would personally recommend that you switch to Flywheel when you start getting considerable amount of traffic on your fashion blog. – At least when making some good money on fashion blogging.

In this tutorial, I will quickly show you how to start a blog using Bluehost due to the fact that I know you want to cut on costs and I want to show you how you can get started with fashion blogging using only $120 to $150 in the first year.

Remember that in your first or second year of blogging, you don’t have to pay hefty amount for hosting unless you want to. I want you to save that money to cater for other expenses during your first year of blogging (this is your year of learning and you might not earn any serious amout of money blogging).

You also need to purchase other blogging tools that will cost you money so from experience, I would go for BlueHost option.

Step 1: Pick a Hosting Package:

Starting a fashion blog using Bluehost is pretty straightfoward. In this section, I will show you how to do that exactly. I have provided the screenshots below. Click Here to Visit BlueHostBelow is a screenshot of the first page. Click on ‘get started now’ button.

Open a Blog With BlueHost
Step 2: Picking the right plan: In the next step, you will need to select a hosting plan. I recommend pick the plus option as it is pocket friendly and it will only cost you less than $120 per year. This is an awesome deal for you.
Open a Blog With BlueHost step 2
Step 3: Now you will get a Free domain name. The screenshot below is well illustrated. Use the left hand box to get a new free domain name for your blog or the right hand side box to transfer your existing domain.
Open a Blog With BlueHost step 3
Step 4: Signup- Enter your account information as provide. Your hosting provide will use this to personalize your experience with them.
Open a Blog With BlueHost step 4
Step 4: Pick a the appropriate package: The beauty with Bluehost is that they don’t have monthly packages. I know you are wondering: How is this beautiful? Trust me it is! When you are starting out to blog, you don’t need the monthly expenses. There are months you will make zero revenue – it happens! I have been there and I know. Pick a plan for a minimum of 12 months at start – by the end of one year, if you are serious with fashion blogging, you will have learnt the art of making money and getting paid by blogging.
Open a Blog With BlueHost step 5Step 5: Make the payments and accept terms This is the final step in buying a hosting plan for your blog site. Fill in the card details and click on the submit button.
Open a Blog With BlueHost step 6
Now that you have a hosting plan setup, in the next section I will show you how to install a WordPress for your blog.

Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy if you follow the steps correctly. If you selected BlueHost as your hosting service, you will get redirected to a page where you will set your password after submitting the form after which you will see a login page.
Note that after successful signup, you will receive an email with the login instructions to your email.

If you don’t get an email, use this simple link on how to install wordpress – ( This is a straight forward guide by Bluehost). Feel free to contact bluehost if you get stuck, they have the best customer experience

We have done an awesome guide on setting up a WordPress blog here. Visit that page if you need further guidance installing WordPress. If it gets technical for you, our free blog set up service can help you out.

Congratulations! You have now succeeded  in setting up a blog and the only remaining section is adding plugins and a theme and you will be good to go.

Installing Key WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Now that you have the best blogging site platform (WordPress) installed, it is time to add some basic plugins which will extend the functionality of the core WordPress. Most of these plugins are free and are hosted at a free wordpress plugin repository.

Some of these plugins include: – To install plugin, see our comprehensive guide on how to install plugins in WordPress

Akismet – Akismet will help you fight spam. It will help you keep comment spam low.

EWWW Image Optimizer: EWWW Image Optimizer is a great yet free tool to optimize your image making your WordPress website load faster. Large and unoptimized images will lead make your blog slow leading to low conversions. With low conversions, you will be making little or no money at all from your blog.

WordPress SEO by Yoast: This is yet another valuable plugin that is helping many people in creating successful blogs. Yoast will help you with keyword optimization and help you execute you onsite SEO strategy.

WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache: Caching plugins are great in reducing blog load times. WP Super Cache is easy to setup than W3 Total Cache. We have done an extensive guide in setting up W3 Total Cache.

Photospace Gallery: Photospace Gallery free plugin will help you create full screen gallery for your fashion blog.

Starbox: If you need to add a bio to each of your post, Starbox free plugin will come in handy.

Pinterest Hover Pin-It Button: Creating a successful fashion blog needs alot of photo sharing. This free plugin will help you increase Pinterest shares of images directly from your blogging site.

Note that there is much success in instagram fashion blogging and you need to create a seemless intergration between your blog and instagram account. Instagram Feed – WordPress Instagram Gallery Plugin will cost you only $24 but is it really worth it. You can’t compare fashion blogging success and some few $$$. Click here for a demo

Theming Designing Your Fashion Blog

Unlike any other kind of a blog, the look and feel of your fashion blog matters. Your blog must be appealing. You must be selective on the kind of theme you select for your fashion blog.

WordPress gives you two options when you want to open a fashion blogging website. You can use free fashion themes or you can buy a ready made and more flexible theme for your blog. Let look at the two options below:

Beginning a Fashion Blog Using Free Themes:

WordPress provides a whole repository of free themes that you can use when starting your blog, but I want to discourage you from using them for your fashion blogging site unless you have the technical expertise needed to customize these themes.

I have seen people insisting to use free themes when getting help at Free Blog Starters and they end up taking weeks to customize the blogs. Trust me, you don’t want to take even a day to make the look and feel of your new blog. You should spend this time on researching on the best articles to write and learning how to make money blogging. (by this I mean earning serious income)

In fact, for the new bloggers with disposable income, I recommend them to find the best WordPress website maintenace services and focus on growing their blogs.

If you decide to go for free themes, make sure you only install themes provided at WordPress themes repository. Click here to visit the wordpress repository. 

Note that most free themes available on the web have backdoors, malicious code, and security holes that can be used by hackers and other malicious people to bring your site down.

Paid Themes For You Fashion Blog:

If you are serious about starting a successful fashion blog, you should think about picking a more customizeable theme for your blog. Here is a list of some great themes you can use for your fashion blog.

1. Divi By Elegant Themes

Divi is a tool provided by Elegant Themes for building custom wordpress blogs and website by use of a drag and drop layouts. This sounds cool. Right? You get a chance to create your unique fashion blog simply by dragging and droping modules on your page or post.

One thing I like about Divi is that there is nothing you need to learn, the tool comes with free layouts that you can use for your fashion blogging site. Making an optimized page by divi only takes a few minutes.

When you buy divi, you get access to all themes and plugins by elegant themes such that you will never have to buy a theme again in future.

2. Genesis Themes By StudioPress:

If you are looking for high quality and flexible themes to create an amazing fashion blog, you should think about StudioPress themes. These themes are used by the most successful bloggers. This should tell you that they are great themes crafted for success.

Here are a couple of links on some of the best themes you can use for your fashion site:(These links will redirect you to StudioPress where you can see the demos.)

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme

Gallery Pro Theme

Simply Pro Theme – This is a simple yet a powerful theme for fashion blogging.-

Milan Pro Theme –

3. Applique – Fashion Blog Theme

This is another awesome theme designed with style bloggers in mind. With so many layouts to choose from, I would also recommend it.

These are some of the themes you can use to create an amazing fashion blog. Note that these themes have been ordered based on my preference and ease of customization among other factors like speed, SEO optimization, and general theme security.

I have used the above three themes for various blogs for clients and all blogs doing are doing great. If you want a wide variety of themes, click here for an extended list of the best themes for fashion blogging websites.

Now that you have selected a theme of your choice, follow this guide on how to install a WordPress theme.

The next step is setting up a backup service for your theme and we will be done with setting up a fashion blog.

Install and Configure a Backup Plugin

When running any kind of online business, keeping quality site backups is not optional. You need to have a reliable backup system in place thanks to the advanced wordpress backup plugins available in the market.

Here ars some plugins you can use. For our blogs we use iThemes Backupbuddy Plugin for backup.

Backupbuddy By iThemes: – This is the most recommended wordpress backup plugin.

Updraft Plus: – Has both free and paid plans

BackWPup: Offers both free and paid backup options.

Make sure you set up offsite backups. Do not keep the backups on your server for security reason. You can ask for assistance in setting up WordPress fashion blog backups by opening a support ticket with us.

Now you have a fashion blog set up and you are ready to start your path to making money. In the next section, I will show how fashion bloggers make money the best way.

More Reading: How to create and make a successful blog

How to Earn Money as a Fashion Blogger

I this section, we will look on how to make money fashion blogging. I get people everyday asking: How much do fashion bloggers make? or how to make money off a fashion blog?

If your main goal of starting a fashion blog is getting free clothes, yo are lost. Others are making money with blogging.

Now sit tight and subscribe to our Free Blog Starter Kit while I show you how famous bloggers make money and live decent lives by blogging alone.

There are many fashion bloggers making 8 figure salary out of their blogs. Now if you were asking how much money do instagram bloggers make, now you know.

I know you are wondering , how can I earn good money blogging? 10 years ago,Most of us started blogging with zero guidance, luck you you have a team like us who will even show you how to start a blog for free and make money.

Here are 7 ways of making cool ways how fashion bloggers make money.

Fashion Affiiate Marketing:

When you start a fashion blog, this is one of the ways you can make money fast.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways you can get paid as a fashion blogger. In fact, many bloggers make money through affiliate marketing alone. What is affiliate marketing? In simple terms, this involves recommending other people products to your audience and followers (email list + blog visitors). You get paid only when they make purchases. This can be a flat rate or a certain percentage.

Fashion industry has two main players: Shopstyle and Rewardstyle though you should also include Amazon affiliates.

The more the referrals, the more money you get paid. Note that the people you recommend won’t pay extra for you to get paid. In simple maths, let us see how much you would earn blogging about fashion. Assume you have an email list of 20,000 followers, you suggest them a product (every month) that sells for $50 and you are paid 20% of the amount purchased.

In the normal scenario, 10%-20% will buy if your fans are serious enough. I will later teach you on how to build and segment an email list. Lets continue with our maths.

Number Likely To Convert: 10% of 20,000 = 2,000 people

Commision Per Referral: 20% of $50 = $10

Total Commision: 2000 * $10 = $20,000

So for 2000 sales that you referred, you will get paid $20,000 per month. That is only for 1 month.

For 12 months (1 Year), you will have a revenue of $240,000. If you are serious about making money from your fashion blog, this implies that you can rake in over $800,000 every year.

Collaborating With Brands:

Once you become an influencer, brands will come looking for you. This is how many fashion bloggers famous on instagram have made their money. Companies will start coming to you to get featured on your blog or your social media account.

These collaborations are basically some form of promotion. Some companies will give you free clothes and accessories to wear and showcase your photos on your blog or social media. Others will ask for product reviews.

Sell Your Own Products and Services:

This is the best way to make money blogging. Selling your own products and services is the most assured way of making money as a blogger.

Do not make a mistake of relying on other peoples’ products to make money. You will need to study your visitors and perfectly understand what they are really looking for. After this, make products that they will buy.

As a fashion blogger, you should still offer your services to your website visitors. Example of such services include: content writing, editing and proofreading blogs or websites.

Sell Advertisements on Your Fashion Blog:

Though I myself hate a blog with adverts, if your audience doen’t have a problem with it, you can create a few ad spaces and sell them on weekly or monthly basis.

I also discourage serious fashion bloggers from adding pay per click type of adverts e.g adsense as you might not make significant amount of money from it.

Another form of adverts you can consider are text links. These must be tagged as nofollow to aviod crashing with google.

One thing you should learn with fashion blog advertising is vetting the advertisers. Only include advertisers who are known for quality services else you your blog visitors might lose trust in what you promote. (I have learnt this from experience)

Sponsored Product Reviews:

You can actually earn money off your fashion blog by writing sponsored reviews on your blog. Make sure are truthful in your review. I know bloggers who charge up to $1,200 per product review.

With this said, do not fill up your fashion blog with paid product reviews.

Always remember that you should start a fashion blog to solve your audience’s problems and make money in the process.

Become a Consultant/Coach:

When starting a fashion blog and you are an expert already you can make money as a consultant.

Also, as you blog consistently, you will become an expert. You can start helping other people building successful fashion blog – at a fee!

Event Hosting and Appearances:

You can also start a fashion blog and get paid by hosting events or making appearances. Note that you can also be hosting webinars and make people subscribe at a fee. You can be charging low subscription fees when starting out and adjust the prices accordingly as time goes by.

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and you will learn more about how we create sales funnels and segmenting your email list so that you can earn good money.

To make money through webinars, check out the list of the best webinar services for small businesses.

Now you know how other fashion bloggers make money, go ahead and try these tips out. Find out what works for you and master it.

Now stop asking questions like how do people make money blogging and start earning off your fashion blog site.

In the final section of this guide, we will talk about a list of tools you need to build a successful fashion blog.

A Summary of Key Fashion Blogging Tips

Congratulations for getting this far! In this section, we will sum up all the tips on fashion blogging discussed above.

For constant updates on fashion blogging tips, make sure you subscribe to our weekly newletter. We will help you build a successful fashion blog through our tips and free courses.

Here is a list tools and tips for fashion bloggers Success (Checklist when starting a blog):

  • – Create an amazing fashion blog – Here is the guide: Starting a blog on your own.
  • – Provide content that your audience is looking for.
  • – Get the right skills for fashion blogging.
  • – Create an email list using great email marketing services – Use ConvertKit or GetResponse
  • – Create a powerful social media following.
  • – Learn how you can make money – Go to this section
  • – Learn and perfect the art of selling.

Now you know all you need to start a great fashion blog and get pad awesomely. Get down to making the next successful blog in fashion.

What do you think? Has this guide inspired you? Do you have anything to add to the guide? Share your thoughts and questions on starting a fashion blog with us on the comment section below.  Also, feel free to share insights and questions on how fashion bloggers make money below. 


  1. Amelia

    I have been running a fashion blog for over two years now and I would like to stress on the use of high quality graphics on a blog or IG fashion account.
    I have seen many new fashion bloggers create great content but using poor quality pictures for their blog and instagram account.
    As you put it, that is a direct ticket to failing. I realized this and I had to put everything aside to buy a $600 camera at Amazon.
    The truth is that if you are here and you are convinced that you want to become a fashion blogger whether by creating your own blog or using social media alone, I recommend you invest in a powerful camera. Take my advice or leave it.

    • Lael @ Custom Blog Designer at FBS

      You have nailed it! Thanks Amelia. Can you share the link to your fashion blog, seems you didn’t enter it when writing the comment.
      On top of investing is a good camera, fashion bloggers need to learn serious photo editing skills. It won’t hurt taking such a course – most photo editing courses will go for less than $20. Here is the udemy link- Why not subscribe to one and increase your chances of earning more money with your fashion blog?

  2. Max

    Thank you for an amazing guide. I already have a blog set up by my boyfriend, what I want to learn is how to be a fashion blogger on instagram. Recently, my college mate, got hired through instagram to promote some beauty products. I don’t know how, but Kate told me that she had a high number ig followers. I want to know if I can make money by linking our small fashion blog with ig. Please advise.
    You have also mentioned about building an email list, but have not explained how one can do this. Can you guide us how we can do this?

    • Greg - (The Free Blog Starter)

      Good to hear that you already have a blog set up and you now want to learn how to grow your blog using instagram. Answering the questions from the comment:

      • Your College Friend: She is now an influencer. You can get paid by influencing people to buy products of a particular company. You better grow your blog and IG account fast to get paid as a micro-influencer in fashion. This is one of the hottest thing now. It is wonder many people are searching for ‘how to be a fashionista on instagram’ guides on our blog.
      • Can I link my fashion blog and Instagram Account to make more money: Yes you can. All you need is to create an instagram account (can be personal but I recommend you use the name of your blog) and start growing your followers. You can then direct your IG followers to your blog and also convert blog visitors to become your Instagram followers. I have edited and included the section: ‘how to become a fashion blogger on instagram’. Go through the post again.
      • Building an Email List: If you not started collecting emails for your blog, you need to set this fast. More Email subscribers == More Money. Checkout this article for more insights on how important an email list is: To set up an email list. You need to use an email marketing service like GetResponse or Convertkit. I recommend using Ninja Popups by Arscode for clean subscription forms.

      If anything is not clear, reply to this comment or use the chat button below and I will be happy to guide you further.

  3. Regina

    This is one of the best guides that I have read. I came to your site looking for a guide to help me start a fashion blog on instagram. I always thought that one can just set up a fashion blog on instagram without the need to have a blog. Guess I was wrong about it. LOL!
    I have been trying follow many guides that show how to begin a fashion blog with little success. I had actually made up my mind to pay someone to do it for me but I found your website.
    You have tackled every detail of starting a fashion blog from where to create a fashion blog up to how one can make money.
    But I wish you put the part of making money on a new post …. It is making me want to do this day and night.
    I know that will take me sometime to finish creating this blog but I am ready for it.

  4. Jasmine

    I want to start a fashion blog targeting Philippines. Would you advise me to go for a .com or a .ph domain name?


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