So you want to learn how to start a beauty blog on your own? Well, this guide will show you how to start your own beauty blog in six simple steps.

Starting a beauty blog or makeup blog as many would call it was the best decision I made six years ago. At this time, I was a novice writer who knew nothing about blogging and the whole concept of getting paid for blogging.

Passion inspired me to start blogging and in the process, I have learnt what works and what doesn’t. My blogging was inspired by Greg, now the founder of Free blog starters who offered to to help me set up a blog for free.

I did not imagine that this would be the start of my full time job as a blogger which would eventually earn me a six (6) figure salary every month.

How much do beauty bloggers make? I have already answered this. I have friends who are beauty bloggers that make 7 to 8 figures from their beauty blogs. If you have not yet made up your mind, you better get started.

I have coached many aspiring beauty bloggers and most of them are earning 5 to 6 times what they were earning before. You can do it too. What matters is whether you are ready to take the first step.

If you are looking to start your own beauty blog to make money or even for fun, I am here to confirm that blogging pays. Actually, if you are passionate about what you want to start blogging about, you are about to open the door to a world of infinite freedom.

The learning curve might be steep (Yes! there is a lot to learn about beauty blogging) , but once you master it, everything thing becomes easier.

How to start a beauty blog for free and make money.

Many new bloggers come to us looking to start free blogs.You can start a beauty blog for free using hosted solutions like blogger and but before you start wasting your time, read the reasons why you should forget about starting a free beauty blog and focus on starting a self-hosted WordPress blog ( beauty blogs).

Starting a Self-Hosted VS Hosted Beauty Blogs

These two terms are highly coonfusing the first time you come across them. I also could not understand these and other technical terms when I had just embarked on the journey of starting my makeup blog.

Before I show you the process of becoming a beauty blogger, allow me to take a few minutes and define these two terms as simple as possible.

Hosted Beauty Blogs: These are free blogs that are hosted by third parties. The third parties include – Wix, blogs, and Blogger.

The main problem with these kinds of blogs is the limitations they impose when you want to monetize your beauty blog (make money from your beauty blog).

You will also expirience a big  problem creating a beauty blog brand as you have no control over your blog (Database, files, images).

Infact, the free blog hosting service can discontinue your blog at will;there is nothing you can about it when the time comes.

Self-Hosted Beauty Blogs: Self-hosted blogs on the other hand allow you to control every aspect of your blog. You have access to the database, files, and images among other things.

These are usually reffered to as blogs. They are the most flexible and customizable blogs that give you the ability to tweak the blog design and run it as you wish.

When using a self-hosted blog, you have to download and install WordPress on a hosting service. I will show you how to do this in a few minutes. However, If you are stuck, we offer free WordPress blog set up services. I recommend  that youtake time to read this guide so that you can learn how to create a successful beauty blog on your own.

If you are looking to start a general blog or a blog in other niches, were have done a comprehensive guide for you here: how to build a blog in wordpress from scratch.

Now let me go ahead now and show you how to make a successful beauty blog.

Pick a Beauty Niche For Your Blog

Many people come to me seeking guidance on how to become a beauty blogger, how to start a beauty vlog, or even how to start a makeup blog. I am happy to share the tips I have learnt along the way.

One of the things I tell people is to first identify their ‘calling’. In my beauty blogging world, I refer to a blogging niche as a calling.

You have to litsen to your innerself to identify the specific field of beauty you are passionate about, then proceed to learn how to build a beauty blog on your own.

I hope by the time you are done reading this, you will have already made up your mind on what you want your to blog about.

What should I blog about? Here is the answer to the question on what should my blog be about in case you are stuck finding topics to explore in your beauty blog.

The next step is coming up with a name for your beauty blogging website.

Find an Attractive Name For Your Beauty Blog

Once you have identified your niche, it is time to move to the next step of creating a unique yet attractive name for your beauty blog.

Here are the 3 core characteristics of a good blog name:

Uniqueness: Your blog name must be unique. I often encounte new bloggers struggling to use already existing blog names and finaly end up using hyphens in their domain names. This is one of the signs of blog doomed for failure.

Imagine this conversation with a friend:

Friend: Hey Katie, what are you up to nowadays?

You: I am now a full time beauty blogger.

Friend: Wow! That is super cool. I heard that beauty bloggers are making so much money online, what is the address of your blog?

You: beauty hyphen blogger hyphen alaska dot com 

Do you see yourself spelling this? You need to pick a unique name as this is what your followers will identify you with.

Easy To Remember: A great beauty blog name must be easy to remember else your followers will always find themselves in other peoples’ blogs or websites. Don’t choose a complex name. Internet users want simple things that they can remember – anyway life is hard enough! Why complicate it with hard name?

Easy To Brand: Whether you have the intention of earning money off your beauty blog or you are just blogging for fun, it is important to think about the future. Choose a name that can become a big brand. You might start a simple blog and end up becoming a beauty influencer few months or years down the line.

After I show you how to start a successful beauty blog, I will also show show you step by step how much money a blogger can make with a makeup or any other type of a branded beauty blog.

Forget About Keyword Rich Names: Many upcoming bloggers are obsessed with the idea of having keyword rich blog names. While these types of names can bring you pretty high traffic, it is not usually the case.

Mosts search engines will be careful when ranking blogs keyword rich names as they are mostly used by spammers who want to make easy money on the internet.

While thinking how to come up with a blog name, these are three key elements you need to put into consideration. You can even combine one of your names with a niche keyword. 

Always ensure that your audience can relate your blog name with what your blog is about.

I hope you now have a couple of names for your beauty niche blog. We will use them below when getting a free domain from our hosting partners.

We have entered into a partnership with Bluehost and our readers will get a 60% off their hosting plans plus a free domain name on top. I will show you how to do this in the steps below.

Now will will dive in to the next important part of setting up a beauty blog successfully.

How To Set Up a Beauty Blog - Step By Step

In this section, I will show you exactly how to set up and build a beauty blog in WordPress.

To create a self-hosted blog, you will need to essential elements: A blog domain name and hosting service. Let us go briefly what these two mean.

Domain Name: This is the unique identifier of your blog. People will use this name to visit your blog. This is your identity on the internet. For example our followers come to our blog using – this is our blog identity.

A blog domain name ussually cost you $10 to $15 per year. Thanks to our partnership with Bluehost, you will get a free domain name while starting your beauty blog. I will show you how to get that. – The free domain name is fully yours.

Hosting Service: This is where you house your WordPress blog files and databases. There are many blog hosting services out there, but for starters, I recommend that you go with Bluehost. Why?

You might be wondering why I am advocating that you choose Bluehost. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Completely Satisfied With Their Services:  I have personally used Bluehost with my four blogs though I have now outgrown them for a dedicated server. (I am making money with my blogs so I can be able to afford larger companies and to setup an inhouse tech team) .

2. Recommended By WordPress: They are number one (1) recommended WordPress hosting service – By the creators of WordPress.

3. Experienced Team: They have been in the game for too long. This means that they know everything about WordPress hosting other new companies don’t.

4. One Click WordPress Installation: They offer one click wordpress installation. You don’t have to struggle downloading and uploading wordpress files to your hosting panel.

5. Affordable Blog Hosting For Beginners: They are also affordable as compared to other hosts. Their pricing allows you to budget for hosting expenses up to a tune of five years while you focus on monetizing your blog content.

These are just a few reasons why you should use Bluehost hosting service for your new beauty or makeup blog.

I now know that you are convienced. Let us proceed setting up the beauty blog together. I will use screenshots to demonstrate the process of setting up WordPress blogs on Bluehost.

Click on the button below to set up your blog hosting in a few minutes. The button below will open the service in a new tab so that you can follow the guide easily.

1. Get Blog Hosting + Domain Name

The process of signing up for a hosting account is easy and straight forward. I will include screenshots and a video below to guide you through various steps.

If you don’t click the button above, click here to get started.

1. Get Started: Now, the first screen you will see will be like the image below. Click on ‘get started now’ to proceed.

Open a Blog With BlueHost
2. Select a hosting plan. Based on your budget, you can select any plan below but I would recommend you either pick the first (basic) or the second plan (plus). For the purpose of this tutorial, I will work with the ‘plus’ package. I have selected the ‘plus’ package because it allows me to host more than one website or blog plus the unmetered bandwidth and website space. You don’t want to pick a plan that will restrict how many visitors can land on your site!

select hosting packages

3. Get a Free Domain Name. Now that you have selected a hosting package, the next step is to sign up for an account and set up a domain name. This is the time to take advantage of the Free Domain Name I promised you.

free domain name

4. Enter The Account Details. Now that you have selected a hosting package, the next step is to sign up for an account. This is the time to take advantage of the Free Domain Name I promised you.

account details

5. Select Plan Duration. You will note that this hosting service doesn’t allow you to select 1 month plan. This is a good thing in the sense that, you can select a hosting plan, set and forget about it until your blog starting making money. It is up to you to know the length of the plan (based on your budget). I would recommend you select 12 or 24 months plan for a start. For other addons- You only need to tick ‘Domain Privacy Protection’. You don’t need the other addons for now. These can also be activated later on inside the Cpanel.

beauty blog hosting packages

6. Make Payments and Accept Terms . You are now a few minutes away from setting up a beauty blog in wordpress. This is the final step that allows you to add card details and complete the order.  Once you are doen, click submit to set up your account password.

bluehost terms

7. Set up your password It is time to set up a password for your account. Make sure you create a strong and unique password.

Password button

Once you click on the above button, the form below will appear where you will setup your password.

Confirm hosting password

Congratulations! You have now successfully set up a hosting service for your beauty blog. The next step will be installing wordpress using in just a single click.

Note that at this point, they will send an email (to the email account provided while during sign up) with your account details and how you can access their Cpanel.

After clicking next, you will be prompted to login so that you can proceed with WordPress installation.

2. Install and Configure WordPress

In just a few minutes from now, you will be one of the newest members of the vast WordPresss community. After you login to your account, it is time to install wordpress for your beauty blog. The beauty with bluehost, you don’t need to know anything about server configuration to set up beauty blog using wordress. All you have to do is click on one button and everything will be set up for you.

You will see a page promting you to pick a theme but for I recommend that you ‘Skip This Step‘ – You can do this at the bottom of the page as show in the image below. I will show how to design an attractive beauty blog in a short while.

Skip bluehost wordpress themes
Once you click on the Skip button, you will a similar page like the image below: Click on the ‘Start Building‘ Button to set up your makeup review blog or any other type of beauty blog

Start building WordPress In Bluehost

Now wordpress will be installed in the background. That is it. You have now installed WordPress and you are ready to start building an amazing beauty blogging site.

In the next section, I will show you how to create great design for your beauty blog using either free or premium WordPress themes.

After the installation is complete, you will get WordPress Admin login details via email. Visit to login as the site owner.

3. Creating an Appealing Beauty Blog Design

WordPress is shipped with an updated default theme. To customize your theme, you need to either install a free theme automatically from the admin area or  upload a premium theme.

We have done an extensive guide on how to design a wordpress blog here. Below are a few themes you can use for your beauty blog.

Divi – helps you create a customized blog or website

StudioPress Themes – Built on the most robust framework. Most successful bloggers use Studiopress themes.

Avada Theme – This is another great theme that can be customized to fit your beauty blog.

Free WordPress Themes – If you are on a very tight budget such that you can’t spare a $59 to $130 for an appealing and easy to customize theme.

I recommend that you create a blog with a unique design as a way of standing out from tens of thousand beauty bloggers out there.

Whatever option you decide to choose, make sure you add some creativity to your blog design. Now it is time to publish your first blog post.

4. Activate Free SSL From Bluehost

When your visitor come to your blog using chrome or any other up-to-date browsers, they will see an ‘insecure website’ notification notifying them that your blog is not encrypted and their data can be accessed by third parties.

Luckily for you, bluehost offers free ssl to every hosting service you purchase through our link above. This will help you save up to $29 per year.

After you have set up your beauty blog, use the credentials sent to your email to login to your email.

Here is how to go about it: I have done a simple illustration below:


1. Login to bluehost Cpanel – Click here to login

2. Click on WordPress tools,

3. On the left handside panel,

4. Click on the ‘Security’ tab,

5. On the new page, select your domain name and toggle the ‘Free SSL Certificate’ option

6. Go back to your wordpress admin to enforce SSL. Go to WordPress AdminSettings > General

On the general settings, change the http to https to enforce SSL. Below is the http settings and https settings: Use your domain instead or

non ssl wordpress site settings

SSL Enabled WordPress Blog – Change your settings to:

Congratulations! You have now created a beauty blog and you are ready to publish your first post but wait!

You need to set up an email list service that will help convert the visitors to your beauty blog to subscribers. You will use this list to make money with your beauty blog.

5. Configure an Email Marketing Service

There are many ways on how to make money as a beauty blogger, but they all revolve around the quality of your email list. You need to start collecting emails from day one. This is the reason I have decided to show you how to set up an email service.

To start collecting emails, you need to select an email marketing service. The best options are: Convertkit and Get Response.  I have used either of these services to collect emails on my blogs.

If I was to choose between the two services, Get Response will win. It is one of the most flexible email marketing services for bloggers.

When building sign up forms, Ninja Popups By Arscode comes in handy. Whether you are looking for exit intent popups or just inline forms. This plugin comes with over 78 pre-designed layouts. This is a premium plugin that will cost you $25 but it is definitely worth it. Click here to get the popup plugin.

Now that you have set up an email list service, it is time to start writing great content and attract the readers.


Now that you have successfully set up a beauty blog, it is time you start writing quality content and using social media to promote each of the articles.

Here are some of the things you need to do to start a blog successfully.

1. Invest in a great camera if you don’t have one. Images for your beauty blog must be perfect.

2. Research blog keywords when writing your posts. For keyword research, SemRush is a great tool.

3. Share this article on social media. Someone might be looking for this guide.

4. Subscribe to our newsletter for tips and guides from experts on growing your blog to a success.


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