How do you make money writing a blog?

Do you have an existing blog and want to learn how to make money blogging at home?

With this professional guide, you will learn how you can make money writing a blog about things that you are passionate about.

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Recently, we have had so many emails on how to make money blogging from home filling our inbox. Some of you have also been saying, that we should focus on coming up with a guide on how to start a blog for free and make money from it. So in this blog, we have put a considerate amount of time to address most of the questions about blogging for money asked by many of our visitors.

If you are a new visitor to Free Blog Starters, allow me to introduce our blog. We are a blog dedicated to guiding people like you on how to make money writing a blog. We extensively cover everything from starting a blog to monetizing your content.

We also have a free blog set up service for those who looking on how to create a blog for free and earn money but they are not tech-savvy.

Personally, 6 years ago, I was providing wordpress technical support, wondering the same thing like you are – can you make money blogging? How much money can you make blogging?

Actually, the whole idea of how to write a blog and make money online seemed more of a joke to me.

Let me show you how to make money blogging online and perfect the art with time. I usually tell people not everyone makes it but dedicated bloggers make money and it is not an easy path. You have to work on it.

Let Look on how bloggers make money, In a nutshell. We will go into details later. I am assuming that you landed at this article because you are interested in making some money as a blogger. If that is true, we have unlimited resources to guide you make money blogging on your own blog.
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How Do Bloggers Make Money?

A simple answer to this is to look at various ways one can make money online with a blog. As a blog stater service, we know that bloggers can make good money only as some of the most successful bloggers come to us for technical support.

I also operate three blogs and I have made good money writing blogs online. There are some of the ways that bloggers use to make money:

  • Affiliate Marketing – Referring their users
  • Advertising – (Pay per click (PPC), CPM) – Will Not Address This
  • Selling their own services and products (Physical or digital)

In this article, I will discuss two ways you can make money blogging as long as you are dedicated to your bog. It doesn’t matter whether you you want to start blogging at home or you are doing it as a part time business. Though the best results are seen from dedicated bloggers.

Advertising – Other PPC (Not Great For Beginners)

If you want to make serious money blogging, you need to stay out of advertising. PPC advertising is whereby you are paid when people click on ads on your blog. To make substantial income even to support your blogging expenses, you need to drive lots of traffic, a luxury people new to the whole blogging idea have.

Prerequisites Before You Can Make Money Blogging

Before you even think about whether you can make money blogging or not, you need to understand that there are five things you need to do to create a successful blog that will make passive money for you.

  1. You Must Start a Blog  – If you don’t have one,
  2. Write Great Content that adds value to your visitors,
  3. Turn visitors to subscribers,
  4. Build Great Reputation (Authority) For Your Blog
  5. Selling to your visitors plus subscribers

Starting a Blog

If you are thinking about making money as a blogger, you must invest in a blog, no matter how simple it is for a start. Don’t get me wrong and rush to take a free hosted blog. We have a detailed free guide on how to start a blog on your own. We also provide a free blog set up service.

Let re-visit the reason why you should not go for a free hosted blog. You might be wondering – why not start a free blog and make money with it?

The reason is damn simple, you can never make good money with something that you don’t own or have control over. Can you?

How many great host blogs have we seen deleted or deactivated after becoming a success?  Answer: Many

If you are also thinking of starting blogging for money with a free site on a subdomain somewhere like:, you are in for a big shock and you will be wasting your time trying to make it work.

This is because you won’t be able to create a brand around your blog. Trust is what sells online. Check out a step to step tutorial on building a blog.

Writing Great Content

You can’t dream about earning money by blogging and you are not putting effort in writing quality content. In blogging, traffic is everything.

You attract people to your blog by writing content that adds value.

Users are willing to share great articles in their social circles, hence bringing a lot of traffic to your site.

Did I mention that even search engines rewards great content? Google and the likes will reward you for writing good articles and will rank you high.

Grow your List of Subscribers

To make money with a blog, you need to convert the visitors to your blog to subscribers who trusts what you write. In addition to converting blog visitors to subscribers, you will need to join networking groups- think of facebook groups, forums, and membership sites where you can find people with similar interests.

Make Your Blog an Authority

Your content must always be based on facts and expertise. Write what you are passionate and expert in. Once your site visitors identify you as an expert in a certain field, they will buy your services, products, and products that your recommends to them. It is not easy but you have to try.

Start Selling to Your Subscribers and Blog Visitors:

Once you create a blog to make money, you are no longer a blogger but a business owner. Business owners have an entrepreneurial mindset. They seize every opportunity to sell great stuff. No matter the size of your email list subscribers, sell to them. You have to be careful on what you are selling, sell with the bigger picture in mind. Don’t just promote anything, if you are trying to make money through affiliate marketing, screen your affiliates properly. In short, be selective.

Now let’s discuss various ways you can make money blogging. Remember that in all ways I will teach you today, success will be determined on the size of your email list. I will breakdown my techniques in two ways:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Services and Products

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a new blogger, affiliate marketing when done right will make you good money. In very basic terms, affiliate marketing is where by you promote other people’s great products to your blog visitors and email list. In affiliate marketing, you only make money when the referrals have made a purchase within a given time (Cookie Window). I advise you to start with affiliate marketing as a beginner as you can start promoting products when you have an email list of 10 people only. This is your first step in making money blogging from home.

Though we have an article dedicated to teaching you about success in affiliate marketing, I will just touch on the basics, you can read the article here. You have to sign up with various companies that offer affiliate programs. Read our affiliate marketing guide to get more insights.

Selling Services and Products

As long as you have a list of email subscribers and you have enough traffic to your blog. Under selling services, I will show you how to sell various services and products.

  • Personal Services
  • Digital Products
  • Physical Products

Personal Services

Selling services is one of the primary way you can make money as a blogger while starting out. This is a form of freelancing but the difference sets in as you are doing it from your own blog. Customers will be looking for you but not the other way round. If you are a programmer or wordpress technical support, running a blog, you can sell your services there.

Only offer services that you are an expert in. Based on your expertise, here are some services that you can make money with as a blogger:

  • Offer Website Design and Development
  • Mobile application development
  • Guest writing services
  • Writing product reviews
  • Social media management
  • Project management
  • Academic writing
  • Blog management services
  • Review writer – You can be writing reviews on products
  • Writing for other blogs
  • Virtual Assistant services
  • Transcribing
  • Translating documents from one language to another.

Digital Products

Once you have build an email list, you can think of selling your digital products using your blog as a tool to drive traffic to either to a shop on your blog or to your other products hosted elsewhere. Some of the digital products you can sell to make good money while a blogging includes:

Themes, Softwares, Plugins – If you are techie, you know what I mean. Even if you don’t know how to make a software, you can hire someone to do it on your behalf and you market and sell it using your blog. You can also sell your themes at themeforest if you don’t want or don’t have expertise to set up a shop on your blog.

Sell Online Courses and Webinars

If you are an expert in a certain field, you can make good money with blogging by creating E-courses and webinars. You will get people to subscribe to these courses by designing great presentations that will attract serious audience. Infact sharing knowledge is one of the fastest way you can make money as a blogger.

To make good money in selling courses online, you have to pick something that you are good at, (something that people are looking for and they want to learn), do your research well and when you are confident enough, you can test with a few people and then ask your loyal subscribers to signup at a fee. refine this strategy and you can increase your fees with time.

If you want to take the path of selling online courses that make money, make sure to join our email list and we will make sure you get to the top.

Create and Sell Ebooks:

Did you you know you can make money writing ebooks sell them on your blog, and you make good money. In simple maths, assume you have a list of 20,000 subscribers who love your cooking blog, you can create an ebook detailing a number or recipes and guides and sell it for $10. Assuming only 1% of your customers buy the ebook (which is very unlikely- expect between 5% to 10%) you will make $2,000 in only one sale. Now amplify that figure to selling many ebooks. I know great bloggers who have made pretty good cash from selling ebooks. In my other guide, we will show you how to create an ebook that sells. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

Charge For Sponsored Posts (Guest Posting):

While I personally don’t recommend this as a money making avenue for your blog, you can charge brands for guest posting on your blog. If you choose this option, be selective on the number and quality of guest posts you accept on your blog.

How much to charge for a sponsored blog post depends on the exposure your will give to the brand and the amount of time involved in writing and or editing the sponsored post. I have seen some blogs charge as low as $25 while others charge $1,400 for a guest post.

I would recommend you start with a moderate amount like a minimum of $200 to $400 for 1000 word sponsored posts. That means that if you accept 5 sponsored posts per month, you will get a minimum revenue of $1000 to $2000 from guest posting alone.

Build Blogs and Sell Them Online:

Most of us have done this already. You can make good cash building and selling profitable blogs. Since this has been covered extensively in our ‘selling blogs guide’ I choose not to go into so much details. If you are just starting out as a new blogger, you should know that you can make up to $30,000 selling a single blog per year.

Start a Premium Membership Website

If you are an expert, you can create a membership website where you charge a small fee for people to join. In fact, membership sites are best ways to make money through subscription. This means, you just create a service or content that people are looking for, create a membership website using wordpress, and market this to your subscribers or blog visitors.

Using this strategy, we have created a 7 figure business. Yes! Out of membership plans, where we solve a problem and members pays subscription. That sounds cool, right? You can still do it if you are dedicated enough on making money as a blogger.

Those are some of digital products you can make money selling them on your blog. The list is extensive but we will cover the rest on our Free Blog Starters Pack. Make sure to subscribe and learn more ways you can make money online.

Selling Physical Products:

Yes, you can make money by selling physical products right from your blog or host them elsewhere and make use of services leadpages and optimizepress to create pages that really sell. Here are some of physical products that you can sell while blogging.

Manufactured Products:

You can manufacture your own products or buy products directly from other countries and sell them on your blog. WordPress gives you the flexibility to sell virtual, downloadable, and physical products. For physical products, you will have an e-shop where you list the products and you ship the product once a customer pays. It is simple as long as you have manufactured your products or you know where to get them. (This is what people call setting up an online store)

We have a very comprehensive guide on how to build an ecommerce website using wordpress.

Sell Handmade Products:

If you are good in making handicrafts, you can sell them on your blog or at etsy. We have covered this topic in article on: how to make money selling handmade items online. Use your blogging power to make more money online.

Conferences and Events:

Once you become a trusted blogger, you have can create events and conferences whereby you charge people who want to attend. Please note that webinars are very different to conferences in the sense that webinars are virtual (you attend them online – you must have a computer and internet connection) whereas conferences and events that I am talking about are done in a physical location. Say like in our offices in SF or Chicago. As long as your events add value to your visitors, they will definitely pay to attend.

You will use your blogging authority and influence to bring more people to your events.

Write Books:

Writing a book is easy but making it to a best seller is the hard part. If writing comes naturally to you, you can make money selling books through your website and other marketplaces like Amazon. Blogging comes in as a way to make your books popular. Nobody wants to buy a book about someone they have never heard! That’s a fact! You need a blog site or rather a website where people can connect with you. If you are interested in getting best author web design services, our friends at can help and offer all the technical support you need.


This is our ultimate guide in making money blogging. Hope I have convinced you that bloggers make money and you can too. You can earn good money by starting a blog and learning from the best. There are no shortcuts in earning from a blog! Stop asking how do people make money blogging and work on starting a blog on your own. Like any other venture, daring to start, changing your mindset, learning from successful bloggers, investing in the right tools, and being patient are virtues in online blogging.

Are overwhelmed already? I bet you are! What do you do from here?

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