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How To Get Paid Blogging About What You Are Passionate About

How do you get paid for blogging? Did you know that you can seriously get paid to write your own blog and make a living out of it?

This is a popular question that I get asked by both aspiring and new bloggers. Now that you are already done creating a blog, it is time to learn the right way to get paid as a blogger.

Forget those $1 or $2 gigs where you get paid to write blogs for other people. I will show you how I have earned over $25,000 in a single day.

Tip: All this goes down to creating a quality email list.

A few weeks ago (by the time of writing this article), I received a short email from an old friend who I used to work with at Huston. Here is a part of that email –

Hi Walt,

… I hear you are a blogger nowadays. I have been scouring the internet of late to find something I can do to get paid. Things have been tough lately. I met Jake who told me that you teach people how to create blogs and get paid online. I am so interested man and ready to quit my job to take on blogging full time please help



This is just a one of many emails that are sent to our team members at Free Blog Starters.

Can I get paid blogging about my life? Many people come looking for guides on how to get paid to blog about their life. If you wish to go this route, you can actually get paid to blog about your life. After all, blogging is a personal affair.One time or the other, you will need to get personal with your readers. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong to blog about your life. If what you are going through or have gone through will help someone, why not talk about it? Life is all about touching someone else.

At Free Blog Starters, we impact lives by helping people set up blogs so that they can make money to support themselves and their families. 

Can I get paid blogging about my life?

Can you get paid to blog?

In this blog, I will touch on some of the key things that you can actually help you earn a living from blogging. There are so many blogs out there that tell you how to build a blog and make money.

There is a lot of noise online on how much bloggers are making using their blogs. The truth of the matter is that over 75% of blogs online are making less than they are spending on marketing and keeping their blogs online.

Ignore everybody that is telling you that blogging is for an elite group. As long as you can combine dedication and hard work (blogging is not an easy task), you will make it

You can actually get paid to be a blogger, writing about simple things that you love.

Most successful bloggers are making over $100,000 per month. So you can do it too. You just need to learn this strategy and get paid awesomely using your blog. 

How much money can you make blogging? This depends on many other factors but it all boils down to determination and the effort that you put in.

For example, I know many bloggers who rake in millions of dollars per year, others make enough to keep them going, while the majority make zero profits. It is how determined you are that counts.

In this guide of how you can get paid to be a blogger, I will address two main ways money making avenues for bloggers which are affiliate marketing and selling your own products. These are the only two ways which can make you become the next millionare blogger.

I won’t talk about things like how you can get paid to write blogs for other people. Unless you are writing for exposure or as a way to market your blog, writing for other people should not be a part of your money making plan.

Why should you invest your whole day or night writing blogs and getting paid $25 – $100, while the blog owner makes thousands of dollars using that blog post? What a Silly proposition!

Before starting my own blog, I was a freelance blog writer doing the same. When I look back to the time I spent making other people rich, I can only laugh at myself.

Had I not realized my mistake early enough and invested my time building a blogging business, I would still be struggling to earn a living writing blogs.  You can learn how to create a blog here.

If your are looking for a list of blogs to write for to make money, I am sorry to disappoint you. This blog is meant for people looking to start a blog and get paid (earn a serious income with a blog).

In simple terms, this is an article on how to start a blog and get paid for it.

I would like to however mention that these two methods can only work for you if you have a high quality email list and enough traffic.

Having already extensively covered  how to drive traffic to your blog, I will now focus on how you can get paid using your email list. Therefore, before you proceed, you need a blog that has an email list builder already set up.

To start a blog, these are the two options for you can use:

  1. – Do it on your own using this tutorial – How to start a blog on your own, or ,
  2. – Take advantage of – Free blog set up services

To create an email list, you will need an email marketing service plus an optimized form builder plugin. To set up an email list, I recommend Getresponse and Ninja Popups By Arscode for optimized and beautiful email forms.

Once you have this set up, it is time to actually get paid as a blogger.

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Get Paid For Blogging (Seriously) - Using An Email List

Get paid to write blogs
There are many bloggers out there publishing income statements showing you how you can earn big money online. Most of these income statements are fake with intentions of making you buy things they recommend. That is how they eventually make money out of your ignorance.

I have said time and again that an email list is the most important asset for bloggers. How powerful your list is, the more money you will get from your blog. Whether it is affiliate marketing, selling of courses, or even other products, you need a list high quality and loyal subscribers to get paid online with a blog.

For example, in another blog we made over $25,000 in a single day (Black friday), promoting two high value products.

Gettting Paid With Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money for both new and experienced bloggers. This is where you as a blogger promotes another company’s product to your followers for

A blogger solely depends on the trust the audience have on him to make sales. The kind of followers you create determine how much you will earn from your affiliate marketing.

To understand this, let me go through a simple scenario of two bloggers A and B. Both bloggers want to make money referring people to various hosting services.

Asumming that hosting costs $200 per year. In this scenario, affiliates gets paid 25% of every sale. The commission for a single sale will be $50.

Blogger A is a student with the majority of subscribers being college and university students.

Blogger B blogs about early retirement and show people above the age of 35 how to make money online.

Assuming that both bloggers want to make $20,000. This means that each must sell to 400 people.

$50 X 400 Followers = $20,000

Blogger A will struggle to make sales as not many students have $200 to invest. Most will go for cheaper (and free) hosting options that charge $2.50 to $5.95. As a blogger, you can only make good money by promoting high value products.

Blogger B is dealing with people who want to make money and hence most of them are willing to part with $200 for hosting services so that they can run online businesses. His list will make him more than $20,000 faster than A’s.

Bottomline: Choose your blog audience wisely!

This shows that high value list (Blogger B list) will make you more money. You can too get paid to write your blog. Check out the two case studies below:

Case Study 1: Lael (one of our team members) made $30,000 on black friday by recomending this blog maintenace services. She recommended them to her massive list and 300 followers purchased a plan. Making $30,000 from Smart WP Fix Affiliate Program in a span of 3 days. 

Case Study 2: Last month, February, 2018, we happened to help 126 people build a blog using Hostgator. We get paid some commision for this. For 100+ referals, you get paid $150 per referral. This is how we made $18,900 last month while still impacting lives. Sounds great? You can do it too. Check out hostgator affiliate program.

Get Paid Selling Your Own Products Using a Blog

After you have graduated from selling other people products, you might (should) think about selling your own products and services. These can me digital or physical products or even direct services.

I ussually encourage bloggers to start selling their own products once they hit the 3,000 to 5,000 subscribers mark.

sell products on your blog 

How does this work?

The first thing is to study and segment your list based on their needs.

For example, at Free Blog Starters, we have created various products based on our subscribers. There are those subscribers looking for free blog set up while other want a whole premium package. We have created products that accomodate the needs of our followers.

After creating the products, you need to market them to your list. Lets do simple maths:

Say you run a successful travel blog and your followers are looking for guides are asking you how they can get paid when running a travel blog. The best way to go about is to create a course (this is the product) showing them all you have done to grow your blog.

In this case, If you have a list of 20,000 followers. Conversion rate falls between 1% to 10%. We will work with 5% of 20,000.

5% of 20,000 = 1,000

If you have priced your course at $120 one time fee, you will make $120,000.

If this doesn’t work for you, you can adopt a subscription model where you charge smaller amount of money every month.

Creating recurring revenue streams is the best way to get paid blogging. You need to create products that most of your followers are able and willing able to purchase.

Now you know how you can get paid for blogging.  I recommend you focus your mind on creating a quality email list and then think what you can sell. 

If you get stuck while trying to make money out your blog, contact me or any of our team members and we will point you in the right direction. 

To build a powerful email list, I recommend you try out Get Response or Convertkit to help you start a blog. A powerful email list is all you need to get paid online using your blog. Out of the two services, my number one recommendation is Get Response.


Now that you know how you can get paid blogging, here are some of the things you need do (if you have not)

I hope this article has inspired to start looking at the bigger picture. If these things make sense to you, share them so that your friends can learn too that they can be get paid to blog and earn serious income out of blogging.

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1. Create a blog if you have not – Click here for a step by step blogging guide,

2. Configure an Email Marketing service – Get Response is a great option.

3. Create email collection forms – Use Ninja Popoups For Great forms.

4. Invest in an Keyword too (Optional but valuable) – SemRush is the tool bloggers use.

5. Write Great Content (Keep SEO in mind)

6. Promote Your Blog on Social Media and Optimize Content For Search Engines

7. Start collecting emails from day one

8. Start Selling, – Simple as (Engage, Refine, and Re-engage)

Please share this post using social links below. These things takes so much time to write. Help spread these great tips. Sharing is Caring. Lets be friends!


  1. Doreen

    This is very informative. Good work guys. I am gonna start a blog soon. I want to make sure that I have the content ready before launching it.

  2. Linda Mosley

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money as a blogger. I personally don’t recommend you spend your time creating a huge email list! Instead, create a group of loyal followers. These are the subscribers who will make you money.
    One more thing, segment your subscribers and group them based on their shopping trends, where they subscribed from, and the content they are interested with.
    To make this clear, Imagine having an email list of 10,000 subscribers who already own a blog and the current monetization method is promoting blog hosting companies! Such a list won’t make you money unless you start promoting a product that blog owners are looking for!
    In this scenario, you have to understand the category these blogger are in. Are they new blog owners, experienced but not making money, or have they attained blogging success already?

    Segmentation is key to earning money on your blogging.

    Thanks Greg for sharing these tips. We have implemented most of these tips on our food blog and we are seeing great results.

    • Staff Writer

      Well put Linda! I can’t agree more.


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