All You Need To Know On How To Make Your Own Blog Successfully

Do You Have What It Takes To Create and Make Your Own Website Blog Successfully?

Many people want to know how to create a successful blog but actually they don’t want to invest the enough time to research on what make one successful in blogging.

I have seen new bloggers create successful blogs but I bet it has not been easy.

Get me right! Even at Free Blog Starters, we have put in a lot of time and resources, to be precise thousands of hours, to be successful. Success doesn’t come easy. If you are looking for an overnight success kind of blogging, please share when you become one. 

In this article, we will teach you the secret sauce on how to become a successful blogger.

Before we even dive on the guide, let me answer just two questions that our visitors ask regarding blogging success.

Can I start a blog successfully on my own? Answer: Sure. YOU CAN. Follow our guide: How to start a blog on my own in 20 minutes.

Can I create a successful blog online, earn a good income, and quit my full time job?

Simple Answer: Why not? We and other bloggers have done it. You can make a blog on your own successfully.

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Fasten your seatbelt and let me take you on a proven journey on how to create a successful blog. Forgive my arrogance, I will brag along the way (not intentional), but having created over 5 successful blogs, makes me a little successful and it makes me happy to share my success with you.

Get me right, there are actually a difference between starting a blog and creating a successful blog. As a blogger, this is how I look at issues surrounding a blogging success.

Starting a Successful Blog: I have never heard of this in my blogging career, yet so many people email us daily on tips on how to start a successful blog. What we give them are tips to start a blog successful (success in setting up a blog). This includes guides in setting up a great blog and learning a few tricks for starters. After all, our blog was created for beginners.

Making Money With a Blog: – Everybody can earn using a blog, the question is- how sustainable is your income from the blogging activities? If you stopped pushing hard, would you still make that kind of money?

Creating a Successful Blog: A successful blog can only be created! That is why we offer free blog set up services so that we make it easy for you to start your journey of creating a successful blog or rather blogging career.

Note that:  Everyone can be a successful blogger as long as they have the right mindset, ability, and patience.

Enough with the definitions! Let get to the fun part on how to create a successful blog easily. Before writing this article, I searched on google and didn’t find a great recipe for blogging success.

All I could get are articles explaining how to make money blogging, without telling you the actual stuff that you must do (blogging virtues).

There are many bloggers out there who will tell you how easy it is to make your own blog successful but you have to extra cautious they just want to make a few bucks from you.

I my ten years of blogging, I have learnt one thing: Nothing Comes Easy!

Steps Into Creating and Making a Successful Blogging Career

Daring to start,

If you don’t dare to start a blog, there is no way you will become a successful blogger. No matter how good you are you must have a blog that you really own and you have control over.

Many bloggers when starting will go for free blogs hosted that are controlled by third party free sites. This is the biggest mistake you can when you want to create a successful blog. Successful blogging is about creating a blog brand that people looking for information online can trust. If you don’t have a blog already, you can use this: Step to step guide on how to start a blog on your own or click on – help me set up a blog free.

Changing your mindset,

Becoming a successful blogger needs a complete change in mindset. If you already have a blog, you now need to shift your mindset from just a common blogger to an entrepreneur.

Many people still think blogging is foolish while on the contrary successful blogging is the best thing can ever happen to someone. From passive income to living a better life. I don’t have to talk about the 9 to 5 job. It is even worse for those who work on 2 to 3 jobs a day. Blogging will give you freedom.

Many bloggers out there who actually make pennies have led people to believe that you can make money fast and quick as a blogger. If this is your mindset, you must drop it to achieve success.

There is easy money blogging, but that happens when you reach to the top! Sorry for disappointing you. But am here to tell you the truth anyway.

In simple terms, get the right mindset to create a successful blog. Let me break it down for you – There is no quick money in blogging but it pays pretty well once you master it.

Learning from successful bloggers,

Learning from the best and most successful bloggers is the only way you gonna achieve success in blogging. Don’t try different things or what the englishman called re-inventing the wheel, but blog differently.

Pick your style and master it.

Check what other successful bloggers are doing and do it better with time.

Shun mediocrity and focus on growth.

Most of us started blogging like you, in fact it was worse at that time since there was no one to learn from.

We share our success tips in blogging to our exclusive list of subscribers on healthy ways to hack blog success. Make sure to subscribe to our emails.

I personally know the do’s and don’ts in blogging, most of which we have learnt on our own. For example, we will teach stuff like how to join the right affiliate programs in different stages of your blog.

We will also teach you how to reverse engineer blogging success plus recommend tools that will help you create a successful blog.

Investing in The Right Tools,

You can’t create a successful blog without spending money. Just ask yourself, where on earth do you make $10,000 to $30,000 a month without spending a dime? That must be a gold mine. Make sure you inbox me and tell me about it. I would be so interested. – At least return the favour, I am investing all these hours writing this article to make you a success the way I know best.

All I am saying is that the successful bloggers who make a lot of money also invest in tools that help them grow their blogs. Some of these would be:

  • Reliable Blog Hosting – Choosing the right WordPress hosting service is the right step in making a successful blog. While starting out, we recommend that you use either BlueHost or HostGator as they both have been hosting wordpress for a long time and they are great and affordable in the first few years of your blog. Both offer wordpress hosting support any time you have an issue. In fact, BlueHost only offers yearly payments. As a blogger who want to be successful, we advise you to at least take a whole year hosting or more so that you minimize recurring expenses. Pay for it once and forget such that you will focus on growing your blog to attain success.
  • Reliable Blog Maintenance and Management Services – If you are not a techie, you don’t need to put up technical stuff of maintaining a website. Whether you are dealing with security, fixing hacks (they happen all the time), or even simple fixes like changing site designs and all that, we recommend that you choose a reliable blog maintenance services @ Smart WP Fix. Does this make sense to you? Why you should spend lifetime fixing and worrying about your blog while you could have an expert do it for up-to $120 a month? – this is a small percentage of what you could make if you invested that time growing your blog. You don’t have to deal with complex website maintenance issues. Our friends at SmartWPfix will help you with the technical stuff.
  • Writing High Quality Content That Sells: – Write content that helps rank and get great number of followers. Write content that solves issues or educates your audience.
  • Email marketing Services: Signing up subscribers is the best way to make money as a blogger. GetResponse is a great email marketing service for a start. Email marketing is the fastest tool bloggers use to grow their blogs and attain blogging success. We will teach you on using email marketing techniques as success tools. GetResponse has been a resourceful tool towards many bloggers success. We recommend you use it using our link here: Use GetResponse Email Marketing 
  • Services that help in creating pages that sells – These includes great landing pages, homepages, and email collection pages. – Optimizepress, LeadPages, and Thrivethemes will do the magic for you.

Be Persistent & Exercise Patience:

Blogging success is not an overnight event. You have to keep working on your blog, consulting, upgrading, and fixing issues with you blog until you start making regular income from your blog. You must also learn to identify the content that your customers want and ways of selling things that will help them grow. In blogging, say you choose to use affiliate marketing as your monetization strategy, only promote products that you have experienced as this can easily break the bond of trust that your audience have for you. If you have been blogging for sometime, you know that the hardest thing to do is building an email list that will make you money.

Parting Shot – What Next?

This article on how to become a successful blogger has taken so much energy out of me and I think I will stop there, hoping I have been helpful enough on your journey to making your own successful blog . Now you have the information on how you can make your own blog, if you need more guidance, subscribe to our emails. (We are professional bloggers and we don’t have time to spam you)

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Now you have all the knowledge you need to make your own blog site a success. Just before you go! Don’t buy us coffee once you create a successful blog, but make sure you will help somebody else become create and make a successful blog.

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