Demystifying Blogging Success - Start A Blog The Right Way and Ditch Your Full Time Job

The world is changing fast. Automation and big players’ dominance has led to the rising unemployment rates and closure of traditional small businesses which were the conventional money making ventures. Thanks to blogging, all is not lost! You can actually earn a living blogging while taking care of your loved ones. Thousands of people now earn a living through writing blogs and you can too. For Example: So many stay at home moms (by choice) are making money while taking care of their kids (families). That is beautiful! Isn’t it?

All you need is to start a blog and learn from people who have done it before. At FBS, we call it: The DCD’s of Blogging Success – This Means:

D – Desire To Learn – Learning From People Who Have Done It Before (Experts)

C – Courage To Start – Making the First Move

D – Determination To Succeed – You got to be strong! Success is not for the weak in mind and heart.

Who Created This Blogging Site?

Disclaimer: This blog is not about ‘founder’! It is about how successful you can become while still doing something that you are passionate about and of course with freedom to do other things!

I am Greg, a ‘Free Blog Starter‘ working from home and making a decent living from blogging. With the help of Lael Stark (a passionate food blogger), I also manage a small team of blog designers for hire who are passionate about helping any passionate blogger to start a WordPress blog and also teach them how create a successful blog business.

What I Believe In: “Touching a Life, Each at a Time” – It is not about how much money I make, but how many lives I impact!

Some years back, I was like you! The only difference was that I was a web designer – making money for my boss but earning peanuts! In the evening, I would help people around me set up WordPress blogs for Free! – That is what you do for people you love! But nobody told me blogs were money earners and I could make a good sum while blogging as well.

This is how the name ‘Free Blog Starter’ was born! I never imagined that this was an avenue to start something bigger than me. A blog that will transform lives.

The change happened after a friend of mine showed me a guide on how to make money with a blog for beginners. Guess what! 3 years down the line, I had set up 3 blogs that were making a 5 figure income every month (the amount is closer to $90,000 than $50,000 – I don’t intend to brag about it).

This was 5 times what I was earning as a web developer.I then made a decision to officially show people how to start blogs and get paid. I have mastered the art of blogging. I am here to show you how you can also get on top so that you can ditch that job (If you feel like it) and earn a living blogging full time.

Free Blog Starters Was Born To Show People The Proven Ways of Blogging. No Guess work. No Tricks. No Hype.

All techniques shown on this site have worked for me and will work for you too.

The name ‘Free Blog Starter’ came from something I was doing for fun but it is now putting food on the table for tens of thousands new bloggers. I have since then brought some 5 more passionate bloggers and techies in each popular blogging category (Free Blog Set, Food and Travel, Fashion and Beauty, Personal Finance) – This makes us ‘Free Blog Starters –

Most of us started like you and it has taken us a long time to ‘crack the system‘ and luckily for you there are people who have done it and are ready to show you how it works.

If I had that kind of help while I was setting up blogs for people for free (It was fun by the way – I still show people how to make a blog for free outside FBS), I would be way much ahead!

Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining! Seeing other people succeed thrills me.

Enough about me – (Free Blog Starters is not about me) – It is about tranforming lives. Giving people the freedom to work from anywhere. (Home, Beach, or even when they are on a safari touring the world)

What Is Holding You Back?

When I was starting, I knew nothing about making money blogging. For a long time, I thought the core reason of starting a blog was sharing some fancy stories to pass time. I was wrong! Ignorance was my biggest mountain. I had to conquer this!

I don’t know about what is holding you back but guess what! If you make this decision, you can get started in no time. 

The fear of unknown and lack of technical skills to start a blog has been holding so many people captive. If this is what has been holding you back, Free Blog Starters is here! We not only teach you how to start blogging through simple to understand step by step guides, but we also help you set up the blog and answer each and every single blogging question you might have.

You don’t have an excuse of remaining chained to that full time job if it doesn’t satisfy the inner you! (I have personally experienced working  2 to 3 jobs a day and it sucks!)

Once you master it, blogging is fun. It is not an overnight success thing, but it pays better than any other job – from my experience.

The only thing holding you back now is ‘YOU’.  Make the decision to start today! All you need is the desire, courage, and determination. Nothing else!

You don’t need any experience or technical expertise to get started! 

Are You Ready To Start Your Path To Financial Freedom?

I have tried my best not to talk money as it will give you false motivation! If you feel that you have what it takes to start a new business blogging, the first thing is learning how to start a blog. Here are three ways you can get started:

How To Create a Blog For Beginners – A Guide to  help you to do it on your own.

Premium Blog Starter Kit – Our team will set up everything for you (Themes, plugins, hardening) all at one time cost!  If You don’t have time to deal with technical stuff, this is the best option.

Free Blog Set Up Services – We will install WordPress for you and a free theme to get you started.

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