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Get Started With Free WordPress Blog Set Up By Experts

Free WordPress blog setup services are powered by premium our WordPress experts. We will setup a wordpress blog for you for free or guide you how to make a WordPress blog free of charge.

Did you know you can actually start blogging for free and make money online?

Why offer free wordpress installation service? We are on a mission of simplifying the process of starting a blog for non-techies. Starting a blogging site doesn’t have to be a complicated process! You also don’t need expensive blog hosting services to get started.

A Free Blog Starter will set up a blogging site at no cost to you.

Features of Blog Sites That We Will Set Up For You

Wordpress Powered Blogs

We use wordpress to create blog sites free for you. WP is the best blogging tool

SEO Optimized Blogs

We create free wp blog sites that are optimized to rank high in search engines.


Speed Optimized Blogs

Our free blog writing sites are optimized for speed. Speed is core for blogging success.


Secure Blog Sites

The security of your blog is vital. We install free plugins that keep bad people away.

Free WordPress Blog Themes

Based on your blog type, we help you slect available themes for free blog writing sites.


Free Blog Training & Support

Each free blog site setup comes with free blogging resources and discounted fixes

How To Get Help Setting Up A Blog For Free!

To get free help in setting up a WordPress blog from our team, here are a few things you need to do:

1. Get Hosting (Click Here),

You will need to purchase a hosting service from our blog hosting partners: BlueHost or Hostgator. Note: You will get a free domain name when you host your blog at BlueHost.

2. Fill In The Request Form Below 

Once you have a confirmation from the hosting company, fill in request form below.

Copy and paste the confirmation email and the login to your server.

Share your blog preferences such as: desired blog color, design, and other preferences.

Submit the request form.

3. Blog Creation By a Blog Starters

We will share available themes for you to choose.

Blog set up and delivered in 72 hours. You have 12 hours to request for changes.

4. I Teach You (Learn) How To Monetize Your Blog

Now that you have a blog set up, you will need to start writing or sharing quality content. You will join our community where you will learn how to make money from your free blog.

See you on the other side!

Gregory W – The Free Blog Starter

Request Free Blog Set Up Service

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Great Tools For Blogging Success

Now that you know how to start a blog for free, you need to learn how to grow and make money blogging. These are some of the tools the most experienced blog experts use to create successful blogs that make serious amount of money.


Semrush is a handy tool when it comes to keyword research and optimiztion. You jusy need to enter what keyword to wish to use in your articles, this is a great tool to use. Get Semrush for seo.

Smart WP Fix Blog Care Plans

SmartWPFix offers blog care plans so that you don’t have to deal with the technical stuff. Get 24/7 blog monitoring, security, and fix your site for $30 per task. Helps you to focus on bulding your blog.


Free Blogging Resources

We have a page with guides & support resources to help you create a successful blog online. We will use this page to continually show more resources and recommend tools to hack growth.

Why Are You Offering Free Blog Set Up Services

Free WP blog set up is a supplimentary service (to help you start a blog without the need of a developer) provided by a team of WordPress experts with the key purpose of minimizing barriers to entry in the blogging career. We want to share the things we have learnt in over 10 years of setting wordpress blogs and websites for many organizations. 

Based on surveys we carried out on several of our successful blogs, we noted the main thing that kill the dreams of many great bloggers is the high costs of blog design plus lack of great resources for bloggers.

FreeBlogStarters seeks to address these two issues. We are a great resource site for aspiring and starter bloggers. We want to disrupt the blogging profession. We are making it easy to start a blog site and make money blogging from home.

You don’t have keep searching online on how to start a blog for free. You don’t have to worry about getting a free blog site that you don’t have control over. We set up a blog site that will help you succeed online for free. If are looking for how to set up a free WordPress blog, get started with our free wordpress installation service now. 

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  1. Kelvin

    I never thought it would be so easy to create a free blog and get paid. I had tried many free blog hosting sites but the idea of having a blog that I don’t have control over was holding me back. I have always wanted to start writing a blog but every company but most companies were charging me over $2000. I will be forever grateful for helping me build a free blog.

    • Gregory

      Hi Kelvin,

      I perfectly understand you! Many free blog hosting sites out there will go to an extent of deactivating your account citing ‘violation of terms’ Ask yourself why many successful bloggers don’t create free sites! A self-hosted WordPress blog gives you the freedom to run your business as you wish.

      I have seen many of my friends get their blogs pulled down just for trying to monetize their free blogs.
      – On $2000 blog, that is insane! Even our premium starter kit comes for less than $600. For corporates, that figure is ‘too low’ I have charged up to $15,000 for corporate blogs! I wouldn’t recommend someone starting a blog for the first time to pay such a hefty amount!

      All the best building your blogging business.

  2. Tiffany

    Thanks for setting up a blog for me. I have written over five posts now but have not officially launched the blog yet. I know that the learning curve is steep, but I have all the time in the world. Please email me some guides on how I can monetize my content… once I get enough traffic, I will be putting some ads.

    • Gregory

      Hi Tiffany,
      Take your time and write great content. Remember that quality is better than quantity. Focus on writing blogs that add value to your readers (lengthy posts converts better).
      I will give you all the support you need when building your blog. We have done a guide on how to make create revenue streams for your blog here –

  3. Georgina

    This is awesome. Thanks Free Blog Starters.

  4. Kate

    Your free WordPress installation service rocks. I always thought that the only way I would make a free blog is using various free blog hosting sites like Wix. I am now migrating my content from wix to the blog that you have set up for me.

    • Wallace

      Hi Kate,
      Wordpress is the best blogging platform to use. You don’t need to depend on a restrictive free blog hosting site while less that $150 (domain+hosting) per year can create a profitable blogging business using WordPress.

  5. Kevin

    This is a great service. Keep up guys.

  6. Victoria

    I received the set up on a free blog theme, if I purchase a theme, will you guys help me install it? I am willing to pay someone to do this for me.

  7. Karen

    Thank you for the free WordPress installation service. The technical bits of starting a blog was the only thing standing between me and making money online.

  8. Naomi

    I used a guide on your website to set up my blog. I have written a few articles but I am getting alot of comments without much traffic. Most of these comments don’t make sense. What did I do wrong during the set up?

  9. Numairy

    I never knew that there is a way to get free personal blog sites apart from using blogger and I will come for a free blog website as soon as I identify a blogging niche.

  10. Mary Joy

    I am surprised that there are people who still have a heart to help. Over and above the free WordPress installation, do you offer other premium services like blog design and monitoring?

  11. Joe

    I just wish I found you people while I was struggling to build my WordPress website. Your free website set up would have saved me days of dealing with tech stuff. Keep up the good work Gregory and your team.

  12. Junnet

    Thank you Lael. My blog looks great. Can you hook me up with someone who will help move my content from to the new blog? Why don’t you offer such services… most of the us would pay for such services….I am so greatful for making a free blog site for me.

  13. Anna

    I really appreciate your service.

    • Lael

      We are humbled Anna. I have seen you are seriously working on your new blog. Keep going.

  14. Abdi

    How can I start my own free blog sites that pay for all their expenses from the start?

    • Greg - (The Free Blog Starter)

      Hi Abdi,
      It is very unlikely that you will create a blog and make money from day one especially if you are just getting started with blogging. (I know bloggers (running multiple blogs) create a blog and drive traffic from their networks and a month down the line, the new blog is netting over $15,000). For beginners, you need to seriously work on your blogs for 2-4 months before you can make any money off your free blog sites.

  15. Anna

    Hello blogstarter, great work you are doing here. A quick question: Can you help with wordpress installation for a multisite network. We are willing to pay a little amount – call it token of appreciation.

  16. Amina

    I heard that there are sites that host blogs free of charge, would you mind sharing some of these sites. I am starting out to blog but I don’t want to start a standalone blog as there are costs involved.

  17. Katya

    I was searching for a list of blog sites that offer free blogs and your site came up first. I am looking to start a multisite blog network with each site targeting users in a specific country, does your free blog setup service allows for this?

  18. Liza

    How do i set up a blog for free on my own? I already have a hosting plan with DigitalOcean that was setup by my developer. I am low on finances and I can’t afford to pay my developer or your team to make a blog for me. I intend to create a christian blog where I will be sharing summons and christian / Biblical stories. I need some help please.

  19. Vivien

    What a wonderful blog setup service! My blog is now live and I have hired two writers to write some content for me. I really appreciate your help on this! I have been reading blog setup guides online and they have been instilling fear of starting a blog. Now that you have done it for me, there is no turning back. Whether I will make money blogging or not, I now have a platform where I will be sharing my opinion without waiting for some editor to approve or reject it. Thank you Leah and team.

  20. Kyla

    great service. i was completely stuck on starting my blog. now that you guys have done it for me, i will kickstart my blogging career. guide me on where to get great content written for me.

  21. Nancy

    I just found your site & have some questions before I proceed. My concern is what will the site look like exactly? Do I get to pick the theme (I already have a premium one in mind)? If I need something changed or if I get stuck with some issue, will you fix it or explain to me how I can? What is the expense right now & what will be the expense later (when free services expire or I need to renew)? The whole process & all the small add-ins can be a bit overwhelming. Appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you.

  22. shailesh

    Nice write-up!
    Since 2016, I have been blogging. When I started, I didn’t even know where you start and how to start a blog. But then I started learning and today I am eligible enough to create a blog.
    After reading your article, I feel that you have written a valuable content. It is really amazing and helpful for beginners and bloggers like me.

    Thanks for sharing…


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A Guide To Starting a Blog With Free Set Up Services

Domain Name + Hosting Services

You need a domain name and hosting service to run a self hosted blog. A self hosted blog gives you control over your files, images, and income. If you are just starting your blogging career, you have to make sure that you get the right set up. In another article we have covered the reasons why a self hosted blog is better than third party free hosted blogs. You get more control when you own your domain name, the hosting service, and your files. At, we don’t provide domains and hosting services. We only help you set up and start a blog for free.

A Domain Name: A domain name is a name that identifies your blog on the internet. Example: A domain is paid per year around- $10 to $12 per year.

Blog Hosting Service: This is where your blog site files, images, and articles will be located. Depending on the size of a blog, most companies will charge from $3 to $7 per month, paid monthly or yearly. Check out our partner hosting services

Free Set up By FreeBlogStaters Team: At, we are a team of WordPress experts who are passionate in helping upcoming bloggers start blogs for free and make money online.

You get a free blog set up when you purchase a domain plus hosting services from our hosting partners listed below.No additional costs to you. 

We only recommend hosting services and other blogging tools that we have used in the past.

We will also share our vast knowledge in blogging success and actually show you how bloggers make money and how you can too.

Our resources and guides will show you various great techniques in making and creating a successful blog.

You need a domain name and a web hosting service to start a free blog. From our experience in seting up, creating, fixing, and commercializing WordPress blogs we have put a list of the best WordPress hosting services that we have used along the way. 

Now that you are up to speed, let us guide you to getting a domain and web hosting service from companies that will give you high quality of service.

Once you set up your domain name and blog hosting, we will help you set up a blog site for free. Remember that we only work and offer support for the web hosting services listed here.

Pick a Domain and Blog Hosting Service From The List Below

At The Moment, we are providing our free blog set up exclusive to those who get their hosting from these services.

Click on each to purchase a domain name and hosting plan. Return to with the details so that we can start setting up your blog for free. 

BlueHost Service

Bluehost is a recommend WordPress blog hosting services by We recommend bluehost service for WordPress as we have used and tested their service. You can count on their expert support offered via (phone, email, and live chat). If you are looking for a service to start with that is both inexpensive and blogger friendly, we recommend Bluehost. Get a Free Domain name and great discounts in addition to our free blog set up services.

Hostgator is one of the most popular web hosting service in the internet. We have hosted several blogs at hostgator and we recommend it. HostGator provides unlimitted support. If you are intrerested in serious blogging, hostgator is a great platform to use. You get 60% off your hosting, with guaranteed uptime and unlimited support. Visit Hostgator to signup for a blog hosting service.

Once you have purchased a hosting plan from either of the two companies above, it is time to ask our WordPress blog experts to create a blog site for free.

Quick Set Up Steps 

Create a Ticket Now

Now that you have purchased a domain name plus a hosting service using the links provided, click on the submit request button to fill in a ticket form so that we can set up a blog for free. To make the request, you MUST have- Your domain name, Confirmation email from the hosting service, and a rough idea on the kind of blog you want.  Start by purchasing a hosting from our partners and then submit a ticket using the button below.


We are a team of passionate wordpress experts doing what we do best. Helping people succeed online. Free Blog Starters is a nice way to help people like you who are not tech-savvy start their blogs at the minimal costs possible.

How Soon Will I Get My Free Blog Set Up?

After filling in the form, you will get a new blog site in 3 days. Note after buying your domain, it needs to propagate and that alone can take 24 hours.

Why Are Your Services Free

As explained above, Free Blog Starters is created to help those who are passionate about blogging but can’t put up with the high cost of custom website development. If you want to pay for custom blog design and development, click here

I am a good writer but what has been keeping me away from blogging is the high costs and complexity of setting up a good blog site. I have to say that your services have come in handy  to many writers out there. It will give us a place to start and then we can get custom development later. Thanks alot.

Michael Lewis

How Our Free WordPress Blog Setup Service Works

– We Will Set Up a Free Blog In a Maximum Of 3 Days

Once you have filled a free blog set up request form above, a support ticket will be automatically created. We will be notified and the blog creation process will start immediately.

At, we have a dedicated team to help you create a wordpress blog. We give each blog creation task a maximum of 3 days.

A Free blog Starter expert will notify you when we are done. It is that simple.- That is how you can start a blog for free.

– We Email The Blog Login Details Plus Blogging Resources

Once we are done creating a free blog site for you, we will send a ticket (email) with necessary support login details. We will also provide guide links on how to change your default blog admin login details to keep your site secure and also how to create a successful blog site. After we are done and you are happy, you can start blogging and carve out your path of building a successful blogging career.

Now that the set up process is completed ,you are now a proud blog site owner. You will own- A domain, Hosting Service, and a blog site. You are now a blogger. Work to grow your audience and make money online.

We are done and we wish you the very  best! We don’t access your site once we help you set up. Our work is done! Once you build a successful site maybe you can buy us coffee if we happen to meet around the corner…

No Obligations.  No Contracts. You get a blogging site set up for free! We offer free wordpress installation service